It’s that time…

when RSC parcels start to land.  They’ve landed in Canada, in New Zealand, in Austria, in Clerkenwell & Ealing! But not at chez moi! ! ! Waaaaaaaaah!

And i have a cold. Despite my best efforts at convincing myself that it is hayfever (mind over matter, right?) it is dawning on me that I am deluded and I have a stinky cold. Stinky. Poop.

Around this time I tend to stalk the postman and can’t help asking ‘anything for me?’   Still nothing from Scapoose… but I did get this:

Lovely Joan thank you!  What a perfect thing to brighten anyones day. Alpaca/Merino sock yarn and gorgeous little stitchmarkers.  Now to find the right pattern…..

3 thoughts on “It’s that time…

  1. Alice – hope your cold is better soon. I have one too. It started on tuesday night. I stayed home Thursday and wished I’d stayed home Friday too! Today I have no voice. I can just about manage a whipser. Looks like there was something about on Saturday!

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