Cold? Hay Fever? Whatever just stop dribbling snot!

Argh so i finally admited to having a cold.  And it took 3 days and now I think it is gone. But the sniffles continue and now I am back to thinking the underlying evil lurking hayfever continues to wreak havoc with me.  I get all hyper and my mind races before I go to bed (very weird for me) and then I sleep like the dead and awake somewhere after 8 am.  Also strange for me – I normally come to consciousness rather easily, dozing awake for a while.  Even with DH’s lattes wafting under my nose in the mornings I can’t shake the heavy sleep.  I blame hay fever.  Must make a trip to the drug store and get me some quercetin bromelain and stinging nettle.  Sigh. Maybe acupuncture? I will try anything to not have to dose up daily on Mr. Glaxosmithklein.

Remember the KAL for the Shur’tugal?  I’ve done a  jazzy pattern update on Ravelry and corrected the spelling of my poor Dragon Rider.  It is a free PDF download and is sized for A4 paper (have put the direct download below).   I love the way it looks and I think it is much clearer than the original.   Get yourself some STR and come join the KAL!


7 thoughts on “Cold? Hay Fever? Whatever just stop dribbling snot!

  1. Now I understand….I hate taking powerful drugs all the time but sometimes, when I am going crazy with itchy sniffling and sneezes I just have to succumb to be able to function.
    I am downloading the pattern, thank you x

  2. I also have hayfever so feel your pain! I’m sleeping terribly though. I can’t take antihistamines but I’m trying Flixonase this year, seems to be helping but is strong stuff I think. Homeopathy worked for me one year but not the next…. 😛

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