Knit a Chair

Am off to South Bank today to check out Yuvee’s Knit a Chair exhibition in front of the National Theatre. It’s from 1-5pm today so pop along and knit a few rows. The Knit a Chair project is Yuvee’s graduation project – to cover those ubiquitous and ugly plastic garden chairs with something comfy and homey. We’ll have one in the shop soon for people to knit on.

Oh crikey – I meant to blog about Ali’s 30th birthday (which was hosted by the lovely Natalie of Stash), and Natalie’s hilarious giant dog Barnaby. Deuce came up to his knees. You’d think such a big dog would look at Deuce and think ‘pah! what manner of insignificant little buggy are you?’. But no, Barnaby is a sweet gentle softie, who is surprisingly timid. He met Deuce then promptly hid himself away. I tried to get some pictures of them side by side but Barnaby kept running away. Poor guy. Ali’s party was ‘da bomb’ with amazing food and wine and home made macaroons and Arianna’s cupcakes.

Last weekend went to see Madame de Sade with M, which was really fabulous. Judi Dench and Rosamund Pike in the leading roles. Fascinating and sort of weird. Lots of heaving bosoms and talk of raunchy S&M (they were after all discussing the Marquis de Sade). Was kind of weird hearing Judi Dench talk about cat’o’nine tail whips.

We had our first Champagne Sunday at the shop, which was great fun. Perfect weather for out of doors imbibing. Great to see lots of old faces – Meljay, Mel, Emily, Jaq, probablyjane, oooh I always try to avoid listing everyone because I invariably miss someone out so will stop here! 😉 Anyways it was a good afternoon. I got the thumbs up to apply for an alcohol licence for the shop so hopefully in a month’s time we’ll have a mini fridge stocked with goodies for an evening knitcap.

And coffeeeeeeeeee! I set up our new illy machine last week for the ‘sockto-cafe’ at the shop and have been experimenting with the steamer wand. I haven’t quite gottent the hang of the microfoam, my steamed milk is a little sudsy for my taste, but more practice will iron out the kinks in technique I am sure. The coffee I am pleased to report has a good crema, and is smooth and rich. We’ve got tea as well as some biscuits in the cafe, and shortly Arianna’s delicious baked goods. Hopefully we’ll have the cafe set up by next weekend with cakes too (definitely though for the Skein Queen trunk show weekend on the 17th – am very excited about that!)

Ooh and all the Sofa parcels went out yesterday. I really love this fibre and colourway. I’m already spinning it up cause I know what I will knit with it and want to get knitting! Won’t say anymore about it as want it to be a lovely surprise for the SoFA interns. Am all caught up on the Cookie book preorders, phew! Thursday saw 5 huge mail bags go out and yesterday I had 3 big bags. Next week time to catch up on admin – especially since a new shipment of Pagewood Farm Aleyska and Yukon just landed. I have to admit I snagged a couple skeins of the Aleyska to make a clapotis (why? why? it’s such an infuriating knit – but the end product is oh so infinitely sassy and wearable and dupes me every time into casting on). New colours so need to take photos and upload to the website – hopefully I’ll get some sun and quiet time on Monday to tdo just this.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Owls! I really love my jumper. So cute. Must find buttons though!

One thought on “Knit a Chair

  1. Bai Tu — Only in the UK would a knitting shop have an alcohol license! Just cover up the stash during those wine tastings (or white wine only!).

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