Bingo! Come on down

Mad Knitter’s Bingo night is coming up tomorrow (all proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontier), and there are still a few spots left! A £5 ticket gets you in, and it covers the rental cost of the rooms, and includes a glass of wine. There are loads of great prizes, including cakes and cookies and of course yarn and fibre. You can get your tickets here or under the Tools tab on the site. Wine is from and wine consultant Julie Campbell.  If you can’t make it, but still want a shot at some prizes, a donation to p/hop (pennies per hour of pleasure – more here ) will get you entered in the raffle draw. £5 =1  raffle ticket, and the prize is drawn from all names at the end of the night. Just put Mad Knitter Charity Bingo (or MaKniChaBi) in the comments section on the justgiving page.

More feel good fun: Last night was the 5k Race for Life event in Battersea Park, which I walked with a group of lovely knitters as part of the iknit race for life team. Gerard was there to lend support and I got to meet people I’d met at Ravelry properly! Well done Anna also for running it in 40 minutes!! and thank you to Nessa for organising it all. You can still donate at Thank you!

We walked the 5 clicks in about 45 minutes or so – Mel knit the whole way around, I have to say I gave up knitting as my balance while walking is already precarious. Was too much of a hazard for my fellow walkers so i put the pointy sticks away somewhere safe. Cakemix, Mel & Nessa:

Our team got a mention during warm up, and dear Mel was intererviewed at the finish line.

A few catch up photos:
Champagne Sunday in our courtyard – lovely lazy Sunday, how they were meant to be!

(note Emma doing ‘jazz hands’ – do a search on Flickr for this. Hilarious photos)

Some photos of Deuce & Barnaby at Natalie’s (taken on the iphone at night, so a bit blurry)

Deuce checking out Barnaby’s bowl. Gives an idea of the size difference.

And the two sort of side by side – Barnaby wouldn’t sit long enough next to Deuce. Maybe D has bad doggy B.O.?

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