Mad Bingo Knitters Unite!

Our second Maknichabi (Mad Knitter’s Charity Bingo) took place last Friday. First things first – we raised £310 for MSF.  A big old virtual pat on all our shoulders. Thank you Mad Bingo Knitters!  Some was raised on the night, some was raised by Out of Sighters via the raffle.  We had a great group of people.  There was drinking, cupcakes, nibbles, and bingo.  Loads of hardcore bingo-ers, and kudos to Tricia who was a true bingo head with THREE booklets!


Lovely Tash did the honours for the calling (that’s MSF Pete and Syn in the foreground).


My dear friend Clare (a *gasp* muggle! shock! horror!) was game to join the night and had a blast.


Hailey won the Out of Sight Raffle – enjoy your Cookie Book and yarn.

Nathalie & Michelle from Stash came to join the fun – and even went away with prizes! (next time I’ll have more cashew nuts for you Michelle!) 😉  Lucy Wollmeise Addict shows how to work the bingo books…


We had some fun after the bingo hanging out and chit chatting – I think we also drank some more.  I discovered the next day that alcohol and prescription antihistamines do not mix well.  Urgh.  But totally worth it. What a great night, so much fun with awesome people.  A huge thank you to everyone who made the night possible.  In particular:

Prize donations from:

Cookie A

Diane Mulholland

Yarn Forward Magazine

Natalie Fergie of The Yarn Yard

Nathalie & Michelle of Stash Yarns

Arianna Halshaw of Bittersweet Bakers

Alisha Irish

Zsuzsanna Banfi

Lucy Honour

Ling Lee

Justine Taylor

Buffy & Don Taylor of Shelridge Farm


Julie Campbell & Mike of (keep an eye out for Taste & Tweet – loads of fun and yummy wine!)

And indispensable assistants:

Zsuzsanna Banfi & Tash Barnevald for keeping it together for me

Everyone who helped to clear up – er, I have to admit that part of the evening is a bit of a blur. So thank you if I forgot/was unable to thank you then!

Clare Weaver & David Cotton (ha! textiles clearly are supposed to be in my life!) for getting me home.

Next MaKniChaBi is 19 June, from 630 pm. Doors lock at 730.  Tickets here

For Out of Sighters – you can get a raffle ticket by donating to the MSF P/Hop just giving page and entering MaKniChaBi in the comments.  £5 per Raffle Entry.  Prize is drawn at the end of the next MaKniChaBi.

2 thoughts on “Mad Bingo Knitters Unite!

  1. Mel was telling me last night how great a time she had and I am pleased to see the next one is on a day I can do. Hoorah!

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