Skein Queen, Cupcakes & QI

First thing – Happy Birthday Frank!! Hope you have a great day today.

Fabby weekend. Really there are times when I totally love that live in London and this weekend was one of them. Hauled my 1kilo cone of Kilcarra Tweed to the southbank for a QI recording session. Waiting in line the security guard checked our bags – and was amused to find Norbert (my big old cone of tweed, who I have decided is such an entity he deserves his own name), and A & E’s knitting bags too. He assured us that the show was really quite amusing and that we wouldn’t be bored! Anyways, we wandered up the stairs into the recording studio, and had a blast watching Stephen Fry, Alan Davis, Liza Tarbuck, Philip Jupitus and Sean Lock.

First time I’d ever seen QI and, like many British ‘game shows’ it isn’t so much a game as a salon all about wit and banter.  Even the points handed out at the end are made up (at least I couldn’t see any rhyme or reason to how they got points).  But I guess it’s hard to pitch a game show that really is just about a bunch of funny people sitting around chit chatting. But what fascinating chit chat!  Alan Davis’s tangental fantasy about stopping time and getting people’s willy’s out (in a Vegas casino at the roulette table), then starting time again was very funny, though somewhat disturbing if one stops to ponder the mind that created the fantasy…. the power to stop time, and well, that’s what you’d want to do? Pretty funny if you ask me. He tweeted that BBC thought the cocks bit was too offensive and had to be dropped.

Yes onto tweeting – Stephen Fry is a Tweetaholic. He started the show with a tweet and an audience shouted G word. He gave us a word, the definition (which I have already forgotten), and got us all to shout it at the same time. He records this, and tweets it to see who can guess. He played back what we’d shouted and, well, it was damn near indecipherable. Kudos to whoever gets it! Phil Jupitus took a bunch of photos before during and after the show for tweet pics, and A swears she caught Stephen Fry checking his tweets during the show. What a phenomenon. We laughed and shrieked. Good echos of humour flowed into Saturday. We rounded the dinner off at Chez Gerard. A very passable steak (sirloin) rare with chips and bearnaise sauce. Am itching to try Entrecote in Marylebone – because the sauce is a house secret and just yummm. Mmmmm.

Anyways, onto Saturday. I gave two classes – first up a sock class cuff down. I really enjoyed this class, and my student completed her whole sock in the class.   It was really gratifying to see.  Second class was a cast on class – we covered loop cast on, long tail, variations to both, channel island, crochet provision, tubular (both 2 strand and provisional cast on method), and star cast on (a modified Emily Ocker cast on without crochet stitches).   I just loved exploring the techniques and working them through with my student. And she was brilliant too!  All in all a very nice way to spend a Saturday.

Saturday evening David made my favourite pasta – crab linguine out of the River Cafe cookbook. Sooooo easy and just delicious. Except I cut chilis and I still have to be careful with my fingers – they still burn a bit! We went to watch Angels & Demons which was enjoyable if you didn’t think too much about it. Star Trek and Coraline up next.

Sunday was awesome – Debbie Orr from Skein Queen came and had a trunk show at the shop.

This is the lovely Debbie with a beautiful array of yarns (Kimono – silky aran! BFL sock! Merino silk Lace! Cashmere! ooooh yummmm) and shawls and a blanket knit by Suzanne.

Of course there were cakes from Bittersweet Bakers. Delicious, as always!

There was much knitting…


And fondling (hi Kai!)


I was knitting away with Norbert and looked over to see this.  Nick look away now. Nothing to see here. No of course that is NOT your wife holding a gazillion skeins of DIC!  Don’t worry, she left with none of those. 🙂


And more knitting with some super cool knitters.


And this week – a jewellery beading class on Wed & Thurs with Zsuzsanna Banfi (Hungarian bead artist), then the long weekend. We’re down to visit FIL & MIL on the Island, seeing the ebulliant Piffy & Irmgard on Saturday and baby shower for a dear friend on Sunday, and goddaughter time on Monday. Viva Londra!

2 thoughts on “Skein Queen, Cupcakes & QI

  1. I am wondering if Kai actually bought that skein in the end! Thank you for hosting yet another delightful Sunday afternoon do. It was great fun. 🙂

  2. We love QI and that Alan Davies. He’s so funny! I think he lives in Islington as I occasionally see him ambling around over there.

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