White glove down


Had my first Apple One to One lesson today – learned a bunch of new neat things and also now covet the new Leopard OS. Very important: lots of stuff on the desktop=slower computer. Didn’t know that. Have now cleaned stuff up, and created new icons for often accessed files on my dock. Froze in the shop today though – I think i have temperature issues. Nice and hot out and I’m in a woolly jumper.

Everywhere I turn they are playing Michael Jackson tunes. Twitter is such an amazing tool – I’d heard about MJ being rushed to hospital as it had been tweeted last night, and sure enough awoke to confirmation that he had died.

This morning we went to Battersea and David took Deuce for a lap while I did a run around the park. It is so peaceful, being inside my head, just taking things a breath and a step at a time. Love the feel of the dirt under my feet, and the smell of the grass.

Nice day of lovely peeps – first off Emma, the owner of the house we stayed in at Rhinebeck last year. She is lovely, and full of pizzazz. Check out her jewellery (Coolabahdesigns), then Gerri with the most beautiful bouquet of happy flowers (thank you Gerri! I love them!!!). A nice evening at the shop knitting and obsessing over lace stitches. I think I know what I want to do now, but lack the right size needles (shock, horror!).

DH picked up a pizza stone today, and started a blog! I’m looking forward to reading his posts. Huzzah!

wax on, wax off

another day another run. I love the incremental build of mileage – much like knitting. a little here a little there, and suddenly you can see your own progress. so far this week I’ve clocked 6.4 miles. And still feeling great. I ran a little further today than on Monday, and just a wee bit quicker. I did almost get hit by a bus, you’d think after living here for 12 years I would know which way to look when crossing the street. Ran to Battersea Park – really just such a beautiful day for it. Clear sunny sky, nice cool breeze. Tomorrow I’ll do a nice slow long run. I’m aiming to run a consistent 20 mile week in 8 weeks time. So far it feels really good. Just to be breathing and moving a step at a time.

I have some knitting left for me by Angie. A couple things to finish up for her intended giftees. I realise that it is important to me to do things for others, to be useful for others, as being tasked to finish these two items really makes me feel good – being purposeful – especially in my current topsy turvy days.

David got himself a shiny red kitchen aid a few weeks back, and has been experimenting with it ever since. We’ve had bread, brioche, and today a chocolate bombe – a cake with a gooey centre. Very nice, but incredibly rich. Maybe cookies next? Am very pleased about his love for baking and cooking – it seems unfair to be on the receiving end of so much loveliness, but as I’m all about carpe diem right now, I am not complaining and am going to savour every single cake my dear hubby is moved to create.

Lucky hubby is off to Wimbledon tomorrow. Not to be outdone, tomorrow am off to lunch with fellow foodie knitters. Can’t wait.

I spy with my little eye…

A duck on a pond…

I’ve been looking through my old photos for pictures of Angie. And am really horrified with myself for a few small but key failings.
1) am kicking myself for not properly backing up my photos and losing all my digital photos pre-2004.
2) going through my hard copy photos am finding that I have been wasting photos on incredibly boring and crappy shots. Very little humanistic content (ie friends and family!). I had a roll – a WHOLE ROLL – of bird shots. Really crappy far-away-out-of-focus-crappy-composition bird shots. If they were anything that National Geographic would look at, maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad. But I am under no delusion. they are crap. Also lots of buildings of various cities I’ve visited. But looking at them now – well, they are boring. Who would want to look at them, if I don’t even want to? I have the odd photo of friends and of my goddaughter am aghast that there are so few! So many fun nights and gatherings, and so few photos to reminisce with.
3) digital photos post 2004 are mostly of yarn (for work and hobby) but I stopped taking my camera around to parties and gatherings. So almost no photos of key events in the past 5 years.

Of the few that I have found of Angie – these are of holidays we took, I have some great ones and finding each one was like coming across a diamond in a sea of … boringness. So to add to my live better motto, I must also document and photograph more meaningfully. B I promise no more rolls of birds, or planes, or random posts in lakes. Cross my heart!

Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt words. Mom I love you and am so grateful to you for being such a cool fun loving mom. Even when I am insufferably untidy!

I spent the day with B sorting through B’s videos and photos, and remembering and sharing. There was a lot of laughter, some tears, both sad and from laughing so hard. It’s what I needed and it felt really good to be doing this.

Something that I’ve found has really been helping me clear my mind is running. I’ve been taking it slow, building up my endurance. My little cousin J is such a runner – and is for me an inspiration (btw I love you too J. You are an awesome inspiring person, and cute as pie to boot). I ran just over 5 km yesterday in 38 minutes and felt absolutely great. My heart rate was nice and low, and my split mileage was about a minute and a half faster than the previous week for a shorter run!

And finally, my dear friend Jenny had a little boy on Friday. So completely exciting. Full of life and joy – I am looking forward to meeting the little chap and welcoming him to this wonderful world.

Au revoir Koala

Dear Angie,

I got the phone call I’d been waiting for today. I know you were very ill, and very weak, so it wasn’t a surprise, but the truth of it still took my breath away. I will miss you so much. I can’t quite believe you are gone. I’m so thankful that I got the chance to see you and tell you how much your friendship has meant to me. That I got to tell you that I love you. Things we never really say to our friends as often as we should. I wish I told you more often how much I enjoyed our friendship. I wish I had never ever been angry with you. What a waste of energy and time. Time I’ll never get back. I wish we’d finished your tulips cardi. I sort of wish I’d camped out on your doorstep so I could have spent way more time with you – but then that just enters the realm of the weird and slightly creepy – so I’ll stop the wishing and just say I feel so lucky and so thankful for your friendship. You are a woman with great sense of humour and I can’t think of anyone else with whom I’d want more to share a Nando’s take-away (with that awesome strawberry dressing).

It is sad to say but I think true that loss gives a person a stronger grasp on what matters, and a better perspective on the crap that doesn’t. For me, I will remember you by making sure I live better. By celebrating life, friendship and love and not taking these things for granted. By not sweating the small stuff, and by letting go of the petty. I’m glad we didn’t really say goodbye – I couldn’t bring myself to say it – but when you held my hand and said, ‘it’s just goodbye for now. We’ll see each other again’ it made me feel better, because I take comfort in that thought and it makes your leaving a little more bearable. I’ll miss you dear Koala. Rest in peace.



I know I have been neglecting my poor blog. Not for want of trying – I have wanted to update, but lately I’ve lost my mojo a little. Not to worry though, it hasn’t gone far, I’m sure of it. It’s been a rather hectic month (eek, has it been that long?!?). Let’s see if I can remember the highlights:

B’s mom & grandma Piffy came for a regal visit. It is always a treat to see the two ladies. Piffy was in top form, and Irmgard surpassed herself with the most delicious wild rice salad!

Jenny had a baby shower where her sisters baked up an entire bakery’s worth of cakes and cookies.

Went to the Isle of Wight to visit MIL & FIL, and got to meet the IoW knitters.

I went to my first movie with my dear goddaughter Sophia. Can’t wait to go see Ice Age 3 with her, and the new 3Ds coming out from Pixar!

David ran his marathon in Edinburgh – 3 hrs 39 min. He was disappointed as he ended up in severe pain, had to walk 4 miles, and stopped off at a local pharmacy to buy some paracetemol and ibuprofen, then was finally able to run the last 2 miles when the pain meds kicked in. Turns out he had a stress fracture in his lower leg. He’s on crutches now but slowly getting better. Edinburgh is gorgeous! I always thought I’d been there before, but I wonder whether I’ve been deluding myself? Very odd. In any event, love it, want to move there. Hooked up with Natalie & Gavin (the Yarn Yard) for lunch, and spent the afternoon at the incredibly lush One Spa at the Sheraton (since David couldn’t do anything but float in water). I could definitely do that again!

Jared Flood came and taught 4 classes at the shop – he is really an amazing teacher. Very thorough, interested, and dedicated. He reminds me of a very young Professor Jones. Professor Indiana Jones, that is. But without the fedora or whip… and somehow so much cleaner than Indie.

My mom had her birthday! (and spent it golfing – way to go mom!)

Hot on Jared’s heels my old friend Alice came to visit. I met Alice at uni, and she has been a constant friend ever since. It was so nice to see her and hang out. Alice & I are huge fans of noodles, and visits with each other always entail meals out at all our favourite noodle places and yummy food venues. Very sadly Nonya was closed, but we hit busaba a couple times, the local vietnamese place, and of course, Borough Market. We also went to watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert (everytime she visits we watch a movie and see a show) – which was fantastic. Just a lot of fun, great music and a great show. Totally recommend it!

Jenny had her baby boy! 4 am on the 19th of June. Very exciting. No name yet – waiting with baited breath.

David’s been working like a dog – came home 6am one day after a full day in the office, there was a 3am return, and he’s missed his team building weekend in France this weekend as he’s been working crazily. Finally his deals are signed, so tonight I actually get to see my hubby and spend some awake time with him. 🙂

And tomorrow – Juliet from Artists Palette is coming to the shop. Ooooh Anna’s Lace (cashmere, silk and merino… yumyum!). Sunshine, cashmere, and lovely knitters? bliss. I feel my mojo coming home again…..

Mary – I read the last Sookie book – and it ended too soon!!!! Sigh. Must now wait another year for the next one. 😦 I’m pretty sure Niall meant Eric, since he always refers to him as ‘the vampire’, but the fun is in the guessing, isn’t it?