Au revoir Koala

Dear Angie,

I got the phone call I’d been waiting for today. I know you were very ill, and very weak, so it wasn’t a surprise, but the truth of it still took my breath away. I will miss you so much. I can’t quite believe you are gone. I’m so thankful that I got the chance to see you and tell you how much your friendship has meant to me. That I got to tell you that I love you. Things we never really say to our friends as often as we should. I wish I told you more often how much I enjoyed our friendship. I wish I had never ever been angry with you. What a waste of energy and time. Time I’ll never get back. I wish we’d finished your tulips cardi. I sort of wish I’d camped out on your doorstep so I could have spent way more time with you – but then that just enters the realm of the weird and slightly creepy – so I’ll stop the wishing and just say I feel so lucky and so thankful for your friendship. You are a woman with great sense of humour and I can’t think of anyone else with whom I’d want more to share a Nando’s take-away (with that awesome strawberry dressing).

It is sad to say but I think true that loss gives a person a stronger grasp on what matters, and a better perspective on the crap that doesn’t. For me, I will remember you by making sure I live better. By celebrating life, friendship and love and not taking these things for granted. By not sweating the small stuff, and by letting go of the petty. I’m glad we didn’t really say goodbye – I couldn’t bring myself to say it – but when you held my hand and said, ‘it’s just goodbye for now. We’ll see each other again’ it made me feel better, because I take comfort in that thought and it makes your leaving a little more bearable. I’ll miss you dear Koala. Rest in peace.


8 thoughts on “Au revoir Koala

  1. Alice – that’s really beautiful and so truthful.
    I didn’t get to know her as you did, but I still spent enough time with her and the family to know what a sweet, loving person she was and how it was nice she found her lobster in the end. Let’s be sure to truly act on your sentiment and not take things for granted. I love you my friend – Melissa xx

  2. Bai Tu — Beautiful tribute to your friend. Thinking of you from across the pond. Love from EG and the kitties.

  3. What lovely words Alice, I feel for your loss honey.

    Today would have been my dearly missed Dad’s 66th birthday.


  4. *hugs*. I know right now may not be the time for talking (it rarely is after the loss of a loved one), but if you ever need to talk then my door’s always open.

  5. Oh, Alice. I’m really sorry to read about your loss…this must be so hard. You wrote a beautiful and moving tribute to Angie. I never knew her but it sounds like I missed out. You must miss her so much. I’m so sorry.
    I’m here for you if you need anything…lots of love and big hugs.

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