I spy with my little eye…

A duck on a pond…

I’ve been looking through my old photos for pictures of Angie. And am really horrified with myself for a few small but key failings.
1) am kicking myself for not properly backing up my photos and losing all my digital photos pre-2004.
2) going through my hard copy photos am finding that I have been wasting photos on incredibly boring and crappy shots. Very little humanistic content (ie friends and family!). I had a roll – a WHOLE ROLL – of bird shots. Really crappy far-away-out-of-focus-crappy-composition bird shots. If they were anything that National Geographic would look at, maybe I wouldn’t feel so bad. But I am under no delusion. they are crap. Also lots of buildings of various cities I’ve visited. But looking at them now – well, they are boring. Who would want to look at them, if I don’t even want to? I have the odd photo of friends and of my goddaughter am aghast that there are so few! So many fun nights and gatherings, and so few photos to reminisce with.
3) digital photos post 2004 are mostly of yarn (for work and hobby) but I stopped taking my camera around to parties and gatherings. So almost no photos of key events in the past 5 years.

Of the few that I have found of Angie – these are of holidays we took, I have some great ones and finding each one was like coming across a diamond in a sea of … boringness. So to add to my live better motto, I must also document and photograph more meaningfully. B I promise no more rolls of birds, or planes, or random posts in lakes. Cross my heart!

Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt words. Mom I love you and am so grateful to you for being such a cool fun loving mom. Even when I am insufferably untidy!

I spent the day with B sorting through B’s videos and photos, and remembering and sharing. There was a lot of laughter, some tears, both sad and from laughing so hard. It’s what I needed and it felt really good to be doing this.

Something that I’ve found has really been helping me clear my mind is running. I’ve been taking it slow, building up my endurance. My little cousin J is such a runner – and is for me an inspiration (btw I love you too J. You are an awesome inspiring person, and cute as pie to boot). I ran just over 5 km yesterday in 38 minutes and felt absolutely great. My heart rate was nice and low, and my split mileage was about a minute and a half faster than the previous week for a shorter run!

And finally, my dear friend Jenny had a little boy on Friday. So completely exciting. Full of life and joy – I am looking forward to meeting the little chap and welcoming him to this wonderful world.

2 thoughts on “I spy with my little eye…

  1. I am so glad that you are running again, when you are home in August, it will be very nice to run to Heritage Park in the morning. Love you.–Mom

  2. Sigh. I had the same thoughts when I was in Italy, taking all these pictures of buildings and monuments. Don’t get me wrong, the buildings and monuments in Italy are beautiful, and I am a great fan of Roman and Renaissance architecture, but I felt that a) I wasn’t doing them justice with my little point and shoot camera and b) it would be more important to capture moments with John and my parents instead. So what did I do? The very next picture I took was… St. Peter’s at dusk. Yeesh! But your words are a very good reminder to capture the true moments that really matter in life.

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