wax on, wax off

another day another run. I love the incremental build of mileage – much like knitting. a little here a little there, and suddenly you can see your own progress. so far this week I’ve clocked 6.4 miles. And still feeling great. I ran a little further today than on Monday, and just a wee bit quicker. I did almost get hit by a bus, you’d think after living here for 12 years I would know which way to look when crossing the street. Ran to Battersea Park – really just such a beautiful day for it. Clear sunny sky, nice cool breeze. Tomorrow I’ll do a nice slow long run. I’m aiming to run a consistent 20 mile week in 8 weeks time. So far it feels really good. Just to be breathing and moving a step at a time.

I have some knitting left for me by Angie. A couple things to finish up for her intended giftees. I realise that it is important to me to do things for others, to be useful for others, as being tasked to finish these two items really makes me feel good – being purposeful – especially in my current topsy turvy days.

David got himself a shiny red kitchen aid a few weeks back, and has been experimenting with it ever since. We’ve had bread, brioche, and today a chocolate bombe – a cake with a gooey centre. Very nice, but incredibly rich. Maybe cookies next? Am very pleased about his love for baking and cooking – it seems unfair to be on the receiving end of so much loveliness, but as I’m all about carpe diem right now, I am not complaining and am going to savour every single cake my dear hubby is moved to create.

Lucky hubby is off to Wimbledon tomorrow. Not to be outdone, tomorrow am off to lunch with fellow foodie knitters. Can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “wax on, wax off

  1. Reading about your running fills me with inspiration to keep up with mine. Another day, another run. The incremental build of mileage. So true!

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