White glove down


Had my first Apple One to One lesson today – learned a bunch of new neat things and also now covet the new Leopard OS. Very important: lots of stuff on the desktop=slower computer. Didn’t know that. Have now cleaned stuff up, and created new icons for often accessed files on my dock. Froze in the shop today though – I think i have temperature issues. Nice and hot out and I’m in a woolly jumper.

Everywhere I turn they are playing Michael Jackson tunes. Twitter is such an amazing tool – I’d heard about MJ being rushed to hospital as it had been tweeted last night, and sure enough awoke to confirmation that he had died.

This morning we went to Battersea and David took Deuce for a lap while I did a run around the park. It is so peaceful, being inside my head, just taking things a breath and a step at a time. Love the feel of the dirt under my feet, and the smell of the grass.

Nice day of lovely peeps – first off Emma, the owner of the house we stayed in at Rhinebeck last year. She is lovely, and full of pizzazz. Check out her jewellery (Coolabahdesigns), then Gerri with the most beautiful bouquet of happy flowers (thank you Gerri! I love them!!!). A nice evening at the shop knitting and obsessing over lace stitches. I think I know what I want to do now, but lack the right size needles (shock, horror!).

DH picked up a pizza stone today, and started a blog! I’m looking forward to reading his posts. Huzzah!

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