Thursday Love

Every Thursday night is my knit night group. We hang out, chat, and order in vietnamese from our local place. So tonight, being Thursday, I’m looking forward to a nice evening in. Hardest decision – pho or bun?

Have been very productive today – finally got out my newsletter and set up a mailing list for my 2010 Sock Club. Next year’s club is going to have a limited membership which will be allotted by ballot. Sign up here to be notified when the ballot opens.

etaThe notifications were sent out the 5th September, but you can still enter the ballot until the 15 September here at the club website

I’m making some changes to the club. This year was a little less smooth than I would have liked. Part of it has to do with being a one woman operation trying to juggle 2 clubs, an online shop and a bricks and mortar shop, and working with similar one or two people businesses for both the yarn and the pattern.

So I am reworking the club to make it run better and also so I can spend more time with it. Paring back down to essentials, next year I am only going to concentrate on one club – and that will be the 2010 Knit Love Club. This will be the new incarnation of the Socktopus Sock Club. There are a few changes I will be making:

1) Designs. These will be Alice exclusives. Yup yours truly is going to be sending out her design babies to you. I may possibly have one or two guest designers. What this means for you is I can tailor the club socks to your skill set and make them a little more modular and progressive in terms of learning.

2) Colourways. I get to choose them all! This means I can choose and arrange for all the six club yarns in advance and don’t need to juggle around additional schedules. It means I can make sure that there is a good mix of solids semi solids and variegated. It also means you can tell me what you hate and I will see what I can do to avoid using it! But Jaq I’m sorry I can’t rule out green. I love it too much….

3) Now this is still under consultation. Knit Love 2010 is going to primarily a sock club. I love them socks and they are one of the best small projects you could dream of. But I am thinking – especially the way I knit with a gazillion wips on the go to cater to my every mood- that perhaps it might be good to add a little bit of spice and variety to the club? I want to still concentrate on yarns that are hard to find in the UK. But I also want to show case the glorious dyers we have here on home soil. So -I was thinking of adding some lace to the mix. A couple bonus projects using local dyers. A lace shawl? A scarf? Colourwork mittens? Let me know what you think in the commentd I’ll take that under consideration.

4) Patterns will be pdf downloads for the club kits which saves on those cardboard envelopes. But at the end of the club members will receive a yearbook – a bound book (in technicolour!) of the year’s patterns, and member pages.

5) Finally – no more bells & whistles. They are fun but I always worry people won’t like them and while some may love them others may not. Maybe a club bag instead… let me know your thoughts.

Time to knit!

19 thoughts on “Thursday Love

  1. I think this sounds great. I will happily join up for another year – variety of things including lace sounds great too. It really does sound like it embodies everything Socktopus stands for.

    No more bells and whistles? Well OK I know how hard it can be to find goodies and keep things fresh with new things, but you do do goodies so well =D

  2. I love the sock club esp. the bells and whistles it will be sad to see them go – however, I understand that it is too much work to organised – in fact I am amazed you manage to find time.

  3. *weeps*

    Seriously, it makes sense to run the club in a way that means less stress for you and so a happier and more content membership. x

  4. This sounds fab Alice and I would love to join however it works. I especially like the idea of the patterns being your own designs. Lace knitting – squee! – my new fave 🙂

  5. Great ideas Alice. I live the idea of adding projects that aren’t socks into the mix. Maybe a hat or a worsted weight project also? I love the idea of projects that are outside my comfort zone and make me learn new techniques.

  6. I just found out about you, your designs, your shop and your sock club. I would love to be able to join. Everything you wrote seems just fine. It is always nice to be able to experiment new things.

  7. I’ve read this a little late Alice, but what works for you works for me. I think the patterns in pdf form are a fabulous idea.

    I’m always up for a bit of lace knitting 🙂

  8. I joined since if those yarns are hard to find in Britain, in France they are unheard of so if I’m in I can also introduce knitters in Paris to these patterns and yarn.

  9. I love all of the suggestions! Since I’ve just gotten in to knitting socks I’m definitely going to put my name down for the ballot.

    I love the idea of trying some lace knitting, or colourwork mittens – I know whatever you choose will be fab!

  10. This sounds brilliant. What about a bag or hat pattern? Perhaps in DK weight? Sounds great though – think I’ll add my name to the list. How many people will get in the club?

  11. I think it all sounds like a great idea, I can’t imagine the pressure you must be under to get all these parcels sorted and out and a bit of prior preparation works wonders! x

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