Borou-eg Market

Friday was our last Mad Knitter’s Bingo for the summer. We had gorgeous fibre from Southern Cross Fiber, Koigu, STR, silk lace, Namaste needles, the cutest sheep teatowel holder… we had a great time, Tash & I calling out with some of the multiple winners (Yuvee!) taking a break from their winning streak to call numbers. Lots of laughter, hilarity and cake. A great night. We also raised almost £150 for MSF and I got to make up number calls (half a monkey, anyone?). Next round we’ll have Cookie A vouchers, a subscription to Yarn Forward, and more. Keep a look out for a late Sept date.

Today DH & I hit Borough Market, and hooked up with Daifu our friend from NYC. He comes regularly and we always do a morning meet up at Borough Market, munching and chatting. We came home, went bed shopping (we are getting a new bed so that we can have a proper guest room), DH finished painting the spare room and I recharted my mystery shawl. I’m still not happy with the border, but I think I have nailed it. Will see – have ripped back my third sample and will reknit it with the new border. Love the cashmere silk I’m using, but damn it’s short yardage! 360m!

Tomorrow we’ve got Nimu coming for a trunk show – I’m really excited as I have been admiring her yarns for a while now. She’s been on maternity leave but has started up dying again so am looking forward to seeing the goodies she’ll be bringing.

Thank you for all your comments re the Knit Love Club, also to everyone who signed up for the notification. I’ve created a page on the left of the menu bar above, and will post updates from time to time there.

Now time for bed! Night night! 🙂

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