Rule Brittania!

First day of Sock Summit and it was awesome! Took a class with Clara Parkes who was amazing. She had socks knit by Cat Bordhi in Natural Dye Studio! It was all I could do not to jump and shriek ‘I know her! I know her!’. Lots of nodding and agreeing all around the classroom on how wonderful the NDS Dazzle (BFL) sock yarn is.

Saw Cookie and met Judith Mackenzie McCuin (be still my beating heart!) and Nancy Bush – just amazing and wonderful and so inspiring. Tomorrow class with Judith, can’t wait. We’re in a hotel a stone’s throw from the convention centre so getting around is super easy. And all the familiar faces – from sock camp and Rhinebeck- and all the knitters. It’s so nice to see the area inundated!

The marketplace was wonderful, but I was too tired to shop. Better tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

Off to knit my Shawl That Jazz shawl. Need something big and warm!

3 thoughts on “Rule Brittania!

  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Isn’t Nancy Bush just the nicest person 🙂

    Have the best of times Alice. And of course I am not envious in the least ………. 😉

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