Sitting with a wheat beer and a beef dip at Sea-tac airport.  The beer around here is crazy good – am in love with Black Butte Porter. Yummy.

Anyways, you’re probably dying to know how  it’s been.  The Summit has been a crazy wonderful few days.  Took a class with Clara Parkes, knelt (literally!) at the feet of Judith Mackenzie McCuin, spun with cashmere for socks (a fabulous fibre for it we learned from Judith), hung out with Ron Miskin of Buffalo Gold (he is a darling), stroked the most delicious fibre…it’s all a jumble in my head.  Am tired, but so thrilled to have been part of it.

On Thursday I had my first class with Clara Parkes.  It was just amazing how knowledgeable she is from a scientific and technical standpoint about fibre and its structure.  What makes a great sock yarn? Something elastic, absorbant, and strong.  A tightly spun, high angled 3 ply yarn is a great start (and that is why STR is top in my books!).  She is funny, warm and sassy.  Wonderful lady.  We got a sneak peak at her new book – very very exciting. This is a reference must have for serious fibrephiles.  I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Thursday night was opening night reception – Stephanie and Tina held court, and all the teachers, veritable luminaries in the knitting world, were in attendance. There were tears, giggles and somewhat sleep deprived hysterical laughter.  

It was just amazing – all the sock camp faces were there – MJ and her hubby with the new baby in tow, Leslie, Marisol, Lisa, Irishgirlie, Sam, Susan, Joan, Cecelia, Stephen – a warm and fuzzy reunion of sorts. Barbara Walker received a standing ovation.  Familiar faces – JC Briar, Cookie A, Marjan (Yarnissima), Cat Bordhi, and new faces -Nancy Bush, Judith MM, Anna Zilboorg, Barbara Walker, Janel Laidman, Amy Singer… the list goes on. I feel giddy just reeling off the list. All these amazing women, who have contributed so much. Seriously awesome.

Friday morning I had class with Judith – and we played with yak, cashmere, alpaca, silk, merino, bfl… and she taught with humour, warmth, and graciousness. She passed around 175 year old stockings that she was gifted, and had only recently stopped wearing. Cotton thread knitting lace (seriously, this was like cobweb laceweight) but the stockings were elastic, and beautifully made. Judith told us they were incredibly comfortable. Just beautiful! 

Friday afternoon we went to Voodoo Donut, a local destination, whose motto is ‘The magic is in the hole’, a somewhat dubious moniker IMHO.  They are famous for their “voodoo donut” – a red jelly filled chocolate glazed man shaped donut with a pretzel stick stake stuck in its heart.  Funny and kind of gross. They had cock & balls, old cock & balls – and er, they are donuts as you imagine they would be.  They had a Gay Bar filled with cream… and other donuts in a similar vein.  I was boring and had a cruller.

The place has a really funky decor – a windblown chandelier, obits on the walls and skulls and zombies and a ouija board.   The area was a little skanky – lots of young beggars, some looking the worse for wear (the young woman by Voodoo Donut had open sores all over her face. Really sad).   Apparently around that area there are a lot of food banks and shelters. 

That evening we skipped the Sock Hop as we were tired and hungry, and needing something a little more substantial and better for you than burger king.  We went out for a nice dinner at Rock Bottom.

The days zipped by – Saturday morning I volunteered from 7 to 11 in the morning again, though the jet lag meant getting up was no problem.  Registration was a little slower, so I was lucky enough to bag 8 skeins of Bugga that morning. Bugga is Sanguine Gryphon’s gorgeous new yarn – 20% cashmere, 70% merino and 10% nylon. Very similar to Casbah with that smidgeon more cashmere.  Divine.

Met up with Cookie and Susan for lunch, and then back to volunteer that night for team Rav, the set up for the Ravelry party.  It was great to Casey & Jess and Mary Heather again, and to meet Sarah their new team member. We hung lights, opened boxes, met and greeted over 500 Ravellers, as well as one definite gate crasher (when asked what he thought Ravelry was, he said ‘it means knitting, right?’.  Still he seemed to enjoy himself as I spied him later that evening hanging out and enjoying the crowd.  We headed back to the hotel and joined Cookie & Anne for a little knitting which was really nice and low key.

This morning we actually got to sleep in a little, packed and went to enjoy a nice breakfast. Crabcake Benedict. Yummmy. We chanced upon a Peet’s Coffee which was awesome – but  not as awesome as the Stumptown latte Stephen brought me on Saturday morning. Oh! I got to meet Janie Sparkles – Stephen’s adorable french bulldog. I got alot of kisses and cuddles to help me deal better with Deuce withdrawal!

Now time to head home – I’m sad to be leaving my Sockstar friends again, but looking forward to seeing David tomorrow night, and also to see my mom and dad again.  Somehow knowing I’m on the same (or close enough) time zone makes it feel like I’m that much closer to everyone on this side of the pond.  It’s been more than lovely being able to spend time with Susan Joan and Sam. 

Looking forward to Rhinebeck where it is a little less hectic and there is a little more quality time to hang out!

4 thoughts on “PDX-SEA-YYC

  1. Wow it sounds utterly amazing, exhausting and exhilirating! All those names, just awesome. Have a fab break in Calgary and see you when you get home 🙂

  2. I live in PDX, and have never been to Voodoo Doughnuts! Strange but true. Did you go to Milo’s Cafe for the Crabcake Benedict? Yum! I know it’s near a Peet’s.

    SS09 was a great party. Glad you came all the way over here.

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