Over & Out Cowtown

Again sitting at the airport, YYC this time, listening to the muffled announcements (seriously, can anyone understand them?) and waiting to board our flight back to Heathrow.

DH sitting next to me reading his new book, Guns Germs & Steel, and me with my last bag of Old Dutch ketchup chips and swedish berries for the plane.  Oh and my trashy mag indulgence -something called Life & City. Hmmm. I figure I feel a bit blue and need a little cheer me up.  I’m really feeling the goodbye today – I’d like to stay longer.  My mom mentioned she heard something about dogs being allowed in cabin – bigger dogs in kennels – and I want to look into it.  Maybe we could stay a little longer with Deuce next time…

Our last couple days were really nice, Thursday we hung out at home, I worked a bit, we went to T&T and checked out Restoration Hardware at Southcentre – the home furnishing in Calgary just gets better and better. I saw a Crate & Barrel opening at Southcentre. Jealous (1)!  we got another crab and made dinner for mom & Alice – my favourite crab linguine. It’s really different with dungeness crab – really light and fluffy. 

I also finished my Shawl That Jazz shawl design by Sam Roshak.  It’s gorgeous and warm tho’ a little too heavy for today’s 32 degree weather, but i think it will be perfect for london this fall.

This morning we did some household things, taking advantage of my mom’s top loader & dryer, washing all our clothes and drying them. Mom took us to a little japanese place called Big Sushi in Marda Loop then headed to Inglewood to a bead shop.  We coudn’t turn into the parking lot since there was a truck and car in the way, so my mom drove up the street a little and in true 4×4 fashion, drove up the curb. Love them SUVs!

Taking off soon, so roger out.


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