Back on the Ranch

Home now, unpacked and getting back into the swing of things. I slept over 14 hours on our return on Saturday, almost unable to wake up on Sunday morning.  Headed to the shop and sat in the sunshine and knitted.  Tash is off on her travels around Europe – I hope she made it okay onto the plane this morning.  Early morning flight from Gatwick meant possibly sleeping in the airport. Suck.

DH made a great Thai beef salad last night, though a bit heavy on the onions.  Perhaps from all the stored up sleep, or maybe all those onions, didn’t get to sleep until well past 2 am last night.  I ended up downstairs with a bowl of cereal around midnight, DH joined me not long after.  He made us some ovaltine (warm milk is supposed to make you sleepy).  I finished Maggie O’Farrell’s After you’d gone while he read his new book. I can’t remember who lent me the O’Farrell book (thank you! er please can you remind me so I can return it?) – it took me a few tries to get into it, and then I whizzed through it. It was interesting – a non-linear narrative from different perspectives, though the love stories were mostly all tragic.  I must learn not to read books that are described as ‘devastating’or ‘tender and tragic’.  Sad stories that could be real resonate too much with me, and I find myself thinking them through more than I would like.  Having said that, I do still want to see Time Traveller’s Wife though again that one is a ‘tragic love story’. At least I know the ending so it won’t be a surprise!  Finished the book and went upstairs, finally falling asleep past two.

Deuce has something wrong with his eye again -I’m hoping he has a hair or something caught in it, it doesn’t look like he has any punctures, but it’s a bit swollen and weepy.  Fingers crossed it isn’t something that requires a trip to Cambridge again.

Slowly crossing items off my list today, just one last thing to do.  Time for lunch and a little knitting.  Scum Bubbles in STR Heavy Weight.  Misknits made a february lady sweater in this and I completely fell in love with the colour. I really don’t look good in the sweater, the shape just doesn’t suit me, so I’m going to use the same gull lace stitch and raglan sleeve shaping to make a differnt cardi. I guess I could call it the August Grrl Sweater, cuz I feel more a grrl than a laydee!

4 thoughts on “Back on the Ranch

  1. “Alice, does Deucey like books? Because I might want to bring him a dog book – about dogs. Deucey, I love you.” – Sophia

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