Old Maiden Aunt & Iknit Weekender

First I must share this photo.  Please take note of what the characters are doing in it. I am sure you will agree that they appear to be smooshed up against the shop door.  Remember this scence. I will come back to it later! 😉



Had a fabulous weekend!  Friday i headed over to the first day of the iknit weekender at Lindley Hall. Had a class with Miriam Tegels who is just wonderful. A great teacher, a FAST knitter, and a yoga instructor. Very cool. We learned how to knit & purl with minimal movement, to help us speed along with our knitting. Interspersed with tips and tricks on how to knit fast (118 stitches+ per minute fast) we did some amazing yoga stretches.  Our class was full of friends which was such a treat! Triciaindahouse, Mulene, Bittersweetbaker, Sandykins, Sussex Yorkie, Natalie of the Yarn Yard, Jaq, Meljay, I know i’m missing a few people – forgive me it is a blur of faces!

Wandered around the marketplace afterwards, and met up with ibecks, katetheyogi, and saw a number of Aurantium shawls (yay!!! go smskal-ers!). I only managed to take a photo of Kate’s though.


It was so lovely to see so many friends, near and far – Joy, Justine & Sally, Sandy, Jen, Emma, Lou, Gerri (scrumming to get their hands on mini-balls).

We headed to a local pub with Sandy, Lucy, Kerri, Hailey, Meljay, Pippa, Diane, Ingrid & her husband (Ingrid is organising Stick fast in Sweden in March), Mel, Justine, Jen, Judith, Bekky Joy Gerri & me.
IMG_0820 IMG_0822 IMG_0823 IMG_0824

Here’s Bekky with her shopping – I think we were all pretty laden down with bags, but maybe not quite as many as Bekky! 🙂

Following this I had a nice day at the shop on Saturday with Nora & Kerri, and got ready for the Old Maiden Aunt trunk show on Sunday. Which was an absolute blast. First off because Lilith is just a lovely lovely person and talented dyer. and secondly, because the knitters who came from far and wide were a great bunch.
Remember that first photo? Here I’ll post it again to refresh your memory.


At 1145 these four came running up to the shop door and finding it locked and thus a barrier between them and the yarn, they smooshed up against it hoping maybe to get a better view or Harry Potter the glass away. And to those who would deny that they smooshed up against the window… photo evidence shows otherwise! 😉  This was the yarn they were trying to get at.


We took pity on the desperate purple people eaters.. and let them in. And of course the inevitable happened!
IMG_0834 IMG_0826 IMG_0853

Mulene arrived, and saw that at 1minute to twelve the door was open and people had armfuls of yarn. What’s a girl to do but run for it?
IMG_0832 IMG_0833

Thankfully there was plenty of purple to go around, and lots and lots of happy knitters. I got to meet Paula in person, some knitters down from Scotland, Marja came to join in the fun, and Ali brought peanut butter brownies (only one left over at the end of the day! sooo yummy thank you Ali!). We spent the afternoon knitting and chatting and munching away.  I caught the baby blanket bug (not for me mind, don’t get all excited please). Ali bought 8 skeins of Koigu for a baby blanket, and then I thought what a great idea, and took 8 skeins for to make a Big Bad Baby blanket. And then Tricia did the same.  Good use of the Koigu – I may have to start a pink one too!

Speaking of babies – I didnt get a photo though i wish I did of Indieknit Laura who i haven’t seen in ages! She & Shazrazzamatazz came and knit and we got to greet the little bump who will soon be a little girl come december.  Sharon is a newly qualified teacher so we got a quick update on her classes and new position. 🙂

IMG_0831 IMG_0829


Marjan (Yarnissima) came but spacecadet me completely forgot to take a photo. You see our last sock club sock was designed specially by Marjan. Goodness I love the sock and the design so much – she is just awesome in so many ways.  She is off to Benediktbeuern next week to join Claudia (she of the Wollmeise, and the dyer of the yarn that pairs with Marjan’s pattern) at the fair.  The dynamic duo!  Not sure how i’m going to top this weekend!  Thanks everyone for making it so fun and fantastic!

5 thoughts on “Old Maiden Aunt & Iknit Weekender

  1. That Speedknitting class was full of friendly faces wasn’t it, lovely to see you again. Pickled my brain though. One day I will be able to stay fro the frivolities of these events. x

  2. LOL I am so glad I don’t love purple as I’d have been sobbing in the store getting there so late yesterday!!! Love the photos of everyone 🙂

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