London Night Walk – eek!

I think I must have been on drugs/jet lagged/asleep/all of the above when I said I would do this. This meaning walk 20 miles at night through London for the London Night Hike with Stephanie, Ali and Gerri. It’s for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, a place for anyone to go to for advice/help/support with cancer. It’s a good place doing good things for good people going through bad stuff. So I thought I’d be good too and take a little walk to support it.

Well, the day has come around really really fast. Thoughts of fun have flown out the window like all those smart birds heading south for the winter. The one thought too stupid to leave and now rattling around alone in my mind is plain old fashioned fear.   Like ‘oh my god what have I gotten myself into’.   I’m sh*tting myself (giving my friends’ new baby a run for his nappies) because I’m not trained up and the idea of staying awake past 10pm and having to hike at the same time … well if you know me you know that I am absolutely crap at staying awake past 10pm.

But it’s got to be done.  As we are supposed to be fundraising as well as indulging in masochistic tendencies, we have a justgiving page here if you are moved to donate to this great resource for cancer patients and their loved ones.  You see, Maggie’s Centre is a free resource, and they rely on crazies people like me who got hoodwinked volunteer to fundraise for them.   Huge thanks and gratitude for everyone making a donation to the just giving site.

Wish me luck, and maybe send along some good vibes, amphetamines and vaseline for good measure. We start walking tomorrow night at 930 and hopefully cross the finish line somewhere around 3am Saturday morning. Needless to say the shop will be closed on Saturday as I recuperate and try to convince my muscles to work with me again.  eek indeed.

6 thoughts on “London Night Walk – eek!

  1. You’ll do great and it’s for such a great cause! I’ll think of you though only up until around 11 as I’ll be asleep after that of course LOL!!!

  2. Can I just quietly do the “oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit” comment and tell you that a) you are not the least trained and least fit amongst the 6 – that would be me who has done nothing for just over a year and that b) finish at 3am? You scare me I can’t walk that fast hehe.

  3. You’re going to be fine! Just image how you’re going to feel when you have finished the walk and feel like it right now… 🙂 and it’s perfect weather for it today!

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