Cat Bordhi & Socktopus @Stash

Today is the first day of Socktopus @Stash. Am totally excited – the online shop is now dormant (apart from the preorder for Cat Bordhi’s new book Personal Footprints). Clara Parkes reviews it here.  I’ve knitted my first little Personal Footprints sock, and i can tell you, the heel is divinely comfy, and the toe! oh the cast on! Be still my beating heart. The best cast on ever.  Seriously.  I love Judy’s Magic Cast-on, but for a star toe, and for fast fast increasing, the Personal Footprints turkish one is just amazing.

Anyways I’m all excited about tonight’s celebration Knit Night – our first Socktopus 0’clock at Stash. Stash will be open late on Thursdays for Socktopus o’Clock.  We are also holding a Yarn Tasting on Monday night (5th October) for October’s Yarn of the Month the Mulberry Dyer, who use all natural dyes.  The Yarn Tasting is an intimate gathering, allowing you to try out samples of the yarn. Call Stash at  020 8246 6666 to book your place.

In other news, I’ve been hunting mozzies.  Yes mosquitos in October. Three managed somehow to get into our room, and Tuesday night I got 6 bites.  I didn’t notice at first but then by last night they had all swollen from pin pricks to round mounds the size of quarters (or 10p coins).  And they hurt! So last night I went on a mozzie exterminating mission.  Got them all, though it entailed somewhat inexpertly throwing magazines up at the ceiling where they were resting before their evening meal.  Blech.

4 thoughts on “Cat Bordhi & Socktopus @Stash

  1. I hate skeeters, but they love me. Exterminate them with gusto!

    I bought Cat’s book at the LYS, and I love the toe and heel. Haven’t started yet, though…

  2. Just seen yesterday’s post, so congratulations on Stash day One. Would’ve liked to be there, but hey!

    Last month I woke up to find over 20 mozzie bites all over my body. Couldn’t be bothered to hunt them down, just took lots of vitamin B. I don’t know why, but it makes you less tasty to the little terrors!

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