Reporting from Poughkeepsie, NY in the wee hours.  Arrived yesterday in the pouring rain – 6 degrees here! Boy am I glad I brought my wool socks.  Brrrrrrr.  Met up with Susan at the airport and we all piled into our massive beast of a car to drive up to Fishkill/Poughkeepsie (not sure which one, is it the same place?) to our hotel.  Pouring rain, kind of scary to drive when you can’t really see.  But we made it, driving through the cutest little main street to our hotel, which happens to over look a massive walmart.  D&I managed to stay up till about 11pm, though as usual I’m up at the crack of dawn (532 this morning).  Perfect time to blog! If i got up at 530 everyday I am sure I could get loads done!  Early bird, worm and all that.

Tonight is a repeat performance of last year’s visit to the CIA (that is the Culinary Institute of America) and tomorrow Rhinebeck.   Sadly we are missing both Joan & Sam so we’ll drink a toast to them tonight. It’s also Sam’s birthday so happy birthday to you!!

As promised here are some photos of the gorgeous Knitosophy sock yarn from Dream in Color.  Each colour is based on a painting by Veronica herself, with inspiring quotes to go with it.



I’m knitting up the Laugh colour which is Green, Magenta, Turquoise, Purple, Deep Red – it’s still dark out so will wait until I’ve got better light to show you my Laughing Monkeys.

A little sneak peak at a new arrival to the shop – sterling silver stitch markers on a necklace.  Really cute.


Now off to grab some coffee, breakfast and of course do a little knitting! Looking forward to seeing Nathalie & Michelle (it’s a Stash-fest!), Jane, Carol, Carole, and hopefully many more familiar faces.  Will report back on Rhinebeck – am going to go to  Clara Parkes’s book signing and pick up her new book – squeeee! – and will be keeping my eyes peeled for the latest squee-inspiring yarns and fibres.

PS thank you to everyone who bought my Aurantium Pattern.  Big hugs to each one of you!

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