We spent Friday lollygagging around Rhinebeck. We tried to go for lunch in Poughkeepsie, then Hyde Park at the CIA (the bakery had a queue about a mile long!) so we just kept driving on into Rhinebeck and lunched at  Terrapin Red – a wee cafe with the most amazing burgers.  Choice like you can only get in America – choice of bread (ciabatta, sourdough, brioche roll), choice of filling (veggie, duck, beef, chicken, fish) and then an array of toppings and sauces.  I had a quarter pound bacon burger with maple mustard sauce, sherried onions, tomatoes and lettuce. Yummy. We also discovering Southern Tier Pumpking Beer.
That stuff is witch juice!!!  Amazing – like Williy Wonka’s magical gum, every time I took up my glass the aromas would change from nutmeg to cinnamon, and each mouthful was seriously amazing.  Susan and I spent a good 10 minutes ooohing and ahhing over our beer!

We did a wee bit of shopping around Rhinebeck town, then went back to the hotel to meet up with Momma Sockstar – Carole from New Joisey.  We went off to the CIA and while it was still good fun. Ron MIskin of Buffalo Gold joined us for a really lovely evening. We giggled and knit, and drank Gin Cosmos. We toasted missing friends (Sam! Joan!). And just had to repeat our in the fountain shot.  We were slightly less inebriated this time, so noticed when our shoes and clothes got wet!  Sadly the photo isn’t so great – David took it at a more than safe distance away.  I’m the one looking like i’m conjuring up some demon spirit. You can kind of see Susan’s arm in the middle of the fountain (4 tall spires of water – and a little Susan arm sticking out at a 2 oclock angle)


Saturday we got to Rhinebeck bright and early. Really early. Like 830 am early.  We beelined to Hatchtown to get ourselves one of their gorgeous spindles – they spin absolutely beautifully and are gorgeous to boot!  Wandered around fondling yarn.

I didn’t see Jane or Kate but did see Nathalie & Michelle, Ysolda, Laura Chau, Jess, Casey, Mary-Heather, Sarah & Spindle Rose

Went to the Rav meet up on Saturday. Lots of woollys.

IMG_1014 IMG_1012

And even a surprise visit from Bob! 🙂

Susan wore her Coraline made in buffalo – see how we’re all bundled up? True to form that fibre keeps you toasty warm like you’ve got a mini heater strapped about your body.  Carole wore her Icarus shawl.


There were sheep of course, but also these cuties


There was food (we had the most amazing lamb sandwiches from the pot pie people)

IMG_1019 IMG_1030
Pumpkin pie, of course…

And pumpkins!
IMG_1021 IMG_1022 IMG_1023

We picked up a copy of Clara’s new book ‘The Book of Wool‘, which she signed for us.  She even gave each person with her book a little piece of the most delectable cormo ever as a comfort talisman.  She carries a piece of it around with her and uses it like a stress stone – just stroke the softness when things get a little too jittery around you.


Laura was signing her new book too.


We even got a sneak peek at Ysolda’s new design (coming soon) – modelled by Ysolda herself – completely lovely!


Saturday night we stayed in rather than head to the Rav party. The cold, and the distance (we are about an hour away) stayed our hand.  We picked up a bunch of micro brews, and got some pizza and just knit the night away.   The white top bottle is bloody mary. Sadly no Pumking (sold out) so we made do with some pale imitations.


After a little show and tell (Susan’s haul left to right: Moosie, Boswort & Hatchtown on top of some Abby’s limited edition batt of pygora and something)

and a little silliness (blame the pumkin juice)

we took turns nodding off and falling asleep and finally had to call it a night.

Sunday was really a great day for Rhinebeck. Snow and rain were forecast for the Saturday but the weather held (and was, despite the cold, a beautiful clear day).  It was however a little too crowded for my tastes and I burned out pretty early in the day.  Sunday was a different story  – we wandered slowly.  It drizzled the entire day so the crowds thinned out quite a bit.  We wandered, wreaking havoc wherever we went. I found myself (by accident! I swear!) behind the counter at the pot pie place poking my nose into the delicious roast lamb pans… we met Gil from Robin’s Wheels who  was charming and lovely.  And his spindles!! Absolutely divine. Perfectly balanced, a wonderful spin!  I was lucky enough to have been given this beautiful Lily Spindle by Gil.  Love (1000).


We met the boys from Red Maple Sportswear and got ourselves some of their toasty stripey alpaca socks, and I got a handwoven alpaca wrap and a toque. Was I glad to have the wrap – so warm!  And it was pretty dang cold on Sunday.  We fell in love with Verity as worn by M-H (the very one as photographed in the pattern) and we hunted for yarn to make our very own. It’s a quick knit – I cast on yesterday and am at the band now today.

We had dinner at Terrapin- and hogged the final few bottles of Pumking. Almost had a panic attack when the bartender started to talk about how he was out of Pumking, but thankfully he had 4 bottles left, and we came to an understanding that those were our private stash!  That stuff seriously has some kind of pumpkin vice in it – my lips went all weird and numb and my legs were on fire!  but boy did it taste good. We were joined at dinner by Ron, and the Still River Mill peeps.  I have to say we were all fired up on Pumking so were probably not the best dinner company… spent a fair amount of time laughing like lunatics and taking photos of each other pulling faces.

Ooh and knitter sighting – fell in LOVE with Prism’s Long Tailed Wrap in Prism Kid Slique in Tahoe.  Mimi Hyde, the owner of The Needle Lady was sitting with the wearer of aforementioned wrap and hopefully will confirm my fuzzy memory.

10 thoughts on “Rhinebecktastic

  1. A, you are too funny! “Really early. Like 830am early.” I’d be totally late for work if I got up at that time! 😛 Rhinebeck sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to see you and D this weekend.

  2. Really enjoyed my vicarious trip to Rhinebeck through your post! Love Ysolda’s wrap thingy – what’s the yarn, do you know? Also v. envious of you meeting Laura Chau as I have a bit of a crush on her! See you soon!

  3. Wonderful! Sounds like a great time and I am glad you found that Pumpking Brew-I think I need to hunt some down! That Hatchtown looks beautiful-like maybe something I need to investigate a bit further? Fun to read-thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow that is one awesome blog entry on Rhinebeck. It confirmed how much fun I missed out on:) So glad you all had a wonderful time!

    Thanks for the great pictures of you and the gang!

  5. Hi there!

    Just seen your ad in Knitting magazine for KNIT NATION!

    You are a clever, clever girl and I am so excited for you and I literally CANNOT WAIT!!!

    Well done all of you who have put this together!!

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