Aurantium: First Prize!

Wheee! My friend Nora entered her Aurantium Blossom shawl in a craft fair, and won first prize!  Woot!

How cool is that?

Weekend was a blur – DH’s folks came up on Friday, and arrived in the midst of unpacking/moving mess. We’d messed up the time and thought S&F were arriving 2 hours later.  Ooops.  It looked like a hurricane of crap had done the mambo in my flat.  Boxes, garbage bags, books, yarn, EVERYWHERE.  I had spent all week trying to sort it out and it still looked like a crazy person’s flat. Amazing how mess can automatically expand to fill a space! All we were missing were the dozen cats and uncaged birds flying around.

Thankfully with some judicious tidying away (read: shove everything in the cupboard or in the laundry room, then jammy the door shut) there was space to sit and have a cup of tea.  Saturday S & I headed over to the bead shops in town as S makes alot of her own jewellery.  DH and F went and got a replacement garburator (apparently this is another uniquely Canadian word, like loonie, toonie, parkade, tuque and double-double.  Double-double is so widespread Business Week reported (see para 2 of link) that is in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary) as the pipes were corroded and the old garburator was leaking really badly.  Garburator replaced, leaking fixed, handles put onto our new kitchen pantry, shelves built, now to tackle that cupboard and the laundry room!  We had a nice stroll on Saturday in town, walking back up to Westminster Abbey before hopping the bus home to catch the fireworks. Impressive display with music drifting across the river from Battersea Park.

Sunday was Laura’s baby shower (yay!). I had to miss it (boo!).  I did go and help set up for my goddaughter’s bday – she is a big 4 year old now!  I can’t get over how quickly she has grown.  She got a pair of spring forward socks from me in Waterlilies STR.  Supercute.  DH made an awesome roast for dinner – a rib of beef.  Mmmmmm.   Looking forward to Friday – as we are off to Munich, Neuschwanstein and to meet lovely Claudia and her legendary Wollmeise store (scroll down to July 5 2009 post for photos of the shop).  Wooot!

Knit Nation: Live!

The website is now live!  Thank you Dee you are wonderful.  We’ve got info for you on the venue, accommodation options, ticket sale dates, and more.  We’ll have more details up with the class schedule once we have that finalised. Just waiting for a couple more class confirmations and then we’ll be able to post it up.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to take a button for your blog, go ahead and choose your flavour! 🙂

Curiosity … made the cat puke

Knit night at Stash tonight – was so nice to catch up with the girls.  A wee bit of knitting, and chatting.  Inevitably topics meander from travels to yarn shops, funny things kids say, but tonight somehow the video 2 girls and a cup came up. Now, I have not seen this video, and was warned off it by Tricia. Naturally, when everyone has seen something then tells you that you really don’t want to see it, it of course has just the opposite effect. So a few google searches later, I found alot of ‘reaction clips’ to the video. Thankfully I was restrained and didn’t look too hard for the video and watched the reactions instead. Really funny, but enough gagging and actual puking in the reactions (just from watching the video!) to convince me that Tricia’s advice was golden.  If you’re curious about the reactions, click to visit the puking cadet for an example. There are loads more on youtube if you fancy a good laugh.

DH finally came home about midnight after 2 straight days in the office.  HIs team had 3 straight days in the office – poor guys they were literally walking zombies. Too tired to function properly.  At least the deal has now launched and so it should be quiet again until the next one rolls along.

Unpacking part 2

Another sunny day – crisp and perfect for woolly jumpers.  DH came home last night about 2am.  I stayed up waiting for him since I’ve not seen him much since I got home.  Watched a bit of a funny animation show called Rick & Steve: The happiest couple in the world – they are lego style characters, with an irreverent sense of humour a la South Park.  Have to find it on at a time other than 2 in the morning!

A quick break for lunch after a morning of Knit Nation work, and now back to unpacking.  Chilly in the flat, but with my gorgeous new socks (thanks Ali!) my toes are toasty warm.  I wish I had some house elves to magic away the clutter and boxes. Too bad Deuce doesn’t have opposable thumbs. He is however being helpful by sniffing my laptop, keeping watch out the window and barking at people in helmets and dark coloured hand bags.  Oh and of course neighbourhood doggy hooligans!

Packing Moving Unpacking

This morning started with heavy showers and a final trip to the old shop to pick up a few final bits and bobs. I felt a little nostalgic – seeing the space stripped of all colour, not a whit of wool left.  I did leave the knit graffiti on the bars – I hope they keep it there.

Still pretty jet lagged – sleeping in to eleven is no problem. I supposed I ought to enjoy it, I normally can never sleep past 9am.  Weekend was spent packing up the shop. Poor DH had to spend most of it working, so we didn’t get nearly as much done as we needed to.  I called up a man with a van, well actually two and they were able to come out at 8 am on Monday and move everything I had in about an hour.  It would have taken me half the day.  So the contents of the shop are now strewn all over the flat – the little room is jam packed. I have my work cut out for me!  Monday I spent unpacking, building shelves, moving boxes, moving furniture, so that we would have a bit of a living room and also so that I could put stuff away.  My old yarn cupboard is in the kitchen and makes the perfect pantry. Finally i have a dedicated drawer for knives, and another for cutting boards & saran wrap!  One of the tables from the shop is now a makeshift island/work surface in the kitchen.  There is a little less space, but I like it so much more in the kitchen now.  Funny how the details matter.  We also brought back the coffee machine – my little illy pod machine.  Perfect for morning coffees when time is short.

This week is busy – we finally were able to officially launch Knit Nation here, on Cookie’s blog, and on the Knit Nation site.  Our website is almost there, and now to sort out the class schedule.

Today we parcelled up the 5th SOFA instalment, as well as the new Cat Bordhi books. 3 full bags sent to the post office.  Back to my local posties – I’ve grown fond of them, though I hope I don’t get asked to church again. The coming week will be hectic – a design to finalise, 2 gift knits to finish, MIL & FIL coming for a visit on Friday, my goddaughter’s birthday on Sunday, and of course piles of unpacking yet to do.  But am looking forward to Thursday – knit night! woot!

Knit Nation!

You’ll remember me mentioning Knit Nation a while back- and since then we’ve been busy little bees getting things ready for the big launch!  Cookie A and I have teamed up to create Knit Nation, a summer knitting expo that’s going to take place at Imperial College in London, UK on the 29-31 July 2010.

We wanted to create an event on this side of the pond that brings together leading teachers in the knitting and spinning world, and provides an arena that  encourages and inspires.  A place for indie dyers to connect with yarn shops and designers, for yarn shop owners to source great products, and for you, intrepid knitters, spinners and hookers alike (of the crochet kind of course), to explore, shop and learn. Oh and we also want everyone to have a rollicking good time.

Knit Nation will have 3 days of classes, and 2 days of shopping with some trade only time to network. Besides Cookie, we have a lot of great teachers lined up (including spinning classes as well as knitting):

Lexi Boeger of Pluckyfluff fame.
JC Briar, seasoned instructor and tech editor extraordinaire.
Nancy Bush, the Estonian knitting authority.
Chrissy Gardiner, an emerging design phenomenon.
Anne Hanson of KnitSpot.
Wendy Johnson whose sock pattern Cookie used for her first ever sock.
Janel Laidman, author of the new hit sock book The Enchanted Sole.
Judith Mackenzie McCuin, author and spinner extraordinaire.
Clara Parkes of Knitters Review.
Beth Brown Reinsel, an amazing teacher.
Merike Saarnit, also Estonian.
Anna Zilboorg, author of the most inspirational books.

Jess & Casey and hopefully Mary-Heather and Sarah will be on hand to give a talk about the incredible site and community that is Ravelry, and (squeee!) they will be throwing a Ravelry party (UK’s first with the Godfather & Godmother of knit!).

Seriously, this has been a dream come true. We have a great team behind Knit Nation, without whom we would be lost.  First and foremost there is Cookie A, who is our Fearless Leader in the US (I’m FL-UK).

John Ramskill created our logo (I wanted pugs instead of sheep, but alas Cookie would have none of it) and all our ads which you may have seen on Ravelry, in Knitting Magazine, Interweave and Twist Collective.   Emilie Ramskill keeps us on the straight and narrow. Dee Desai-Tagg set up our website which will be going live later this month with more info.

We’ll be blogging over the next 9 months on the website with updates and news. Keep an eye out for the class schedule in a couple weeks’ time. Class sign ups will be open on the 1st December.  You can get the latest info here:
Ravelry: Knit Nation Summer Expo 2010 Group
Twitter: KnitNation

You can also sign up to be notified when the class schedule and sign ups go live:

I made a slight detour during my stay in the US, and spent a few extra days in San Francisco and I was lucky enough to be able to meet with Cookie to finalise our adwork for Ravelry. It is so much easier to talk images when we’ve got our laptops out side by side!


We even managed to have some tea to bring a wee bit of Britain to our meet up.


I love how our community transcends borders and creates its own crafty yarn & fibre nation.  Love (1).

Knit love. Knit Community. Knit Nation. Bring it on!