Packing Moving Unpacking

This morning started with heavy showers and a final trip to the old shop to pick up a few final bits and bobs. I felt a little nostalgic – seeing the space stripped of all colour, not a whit of wool left.  I did leave the knit graffiti on the bars – I hope they keep it there.

Still pretty jet lagged – sleeping in to eleven is no problem. I supposed I ought to enjoy it, I normally can never sleep past 9am.  Weekend was spent packing up the shop. Poor DH had to spend most of it working, so we didn’t get nearly as much done as we needed to.  I called up a man with a van, well actually two and they were able to come out at 8 am on Monday and move everything I had in about an hour.  It would have taken me half the day.  So the contents of the shop are now strewn all over the flat – the little room is jam packed. I have my work cut out for me!  Monday I spent unpacking, building shelves, moving boxes, moving furniture, so that we would have a bit of a living room and also so that I could put stuff away.  My old yarn cupboard is in the kitchen and makes the perfect pantry. Finally i have a dedicated drawer for knives, and another for cutting boards & saran wrap!  One of the tables from the shop is now a makeshift island/work surface in the kitchen.  There is a little less space, but I like it so much more in the kitchen now.  Funny how the details matter.  We also brought back the coffee machine – my little illy pod machine.  Perfect for morning coffees when time is short.

This week is busy – we finally were able to officially launch Knit Nation here, on Cookie’s blog, and on the Knit Nation site.  Our website is almost there, and now to sort out the class schedule.

Today we parcelled up the 5th SOFA instalment, as well as the new Cat Bordhi books. 3 full bags sent to the post office.  Back to my local posties – I’ve grown fond of them, though I hope I don’t get asked to church again. The coming week will be hectic – a design to finalise, 2 gift knits to finish, MIL & FIL coming for a visit on Friday, my goddaughter’s birthday on Sunday, and of course piles of unpacking yet to do.  But am looking forward to Thursday – knit night! woot!

3 thoughts on “Packing Moving Unpacking

  1. yay! i was wondering if you would leave the knit graffiti behind. Knit Nations looks super exciting…fingers crossed I might be able to talk my way into going…

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