Curiosity … made the cat puke

Knit night at Stash tonight – was so nice to catch up with the girls.  A wee bit of knitting, and chatting.  Inevitably topics meander from travels to yarn shops, funny things kids say, but tonight somehow the video 2 girls and a cup came up. Now, I have not seen this video, and was warned off it by Tricia. Naturally, when everyone has seen something then tells you that you really don’t want to see it, it of course has just the opposite effect. So a few google searches later, I found alot of ‘reaction clips’ to the video. Thankfully I was restrained and didn’t look too hard for the video and watched the reactions instead. Really funny, but enough gagging and actual puking in the reactions (just from watching the video!) to convince me that Tricia’s advice was golden.  If you’re curious about the reactions, click to visit the puking cadet for an example. There are loads more on youtube if you fancy a good laugh.

DH finally came home about midnight after 2 straight days in the office.  HIs team had 3 straight days in the office – poor guys they were literally walking zombies. Too tired to function properly.  At least the deal has now launched and so it should be quiet again until the next one rolls along.

2 thoughts on “Curiosity … made the cat puke

  1. Are we going to be able to buy Socktopus yarns at Stash? Their website doesn’t list any and their opening hours man that there’s no way I could actually get to the shop.

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