Aurantium: First Prize!

Wheee! My friend Nora entered her Aurantium Blossom shawl in a craft fair, and won first prize!  Woot!

How cool is that?

Weekend was a blur – DH’s folks came up on Friday, and arrived in the midst of unpacking/moving mess. We’d messed up the time and thought S&F were arriving 2 hours later.  Ooops.  It looked like a hurricane of crap had done the mambo in my flat.  Boxes, garbage bags, books, yarn, EVERYWHERE.  I had spent all week trying to sort it out and it still looked like a crazy person’s flat. Amazing how mess can automatically expand to fill a space! All we were missing were the dozen cats and uncaged birds flying around.

Thankfully with some judicious tidying away (read: shove everything in the cupboard or in the laundry room, then jammy the door shut) there was space to sit and have a cup of tea.  Saturday S & I headed over to the bead shops in town as S makes alot of her own jewellery.  DH and F went and got a replacement garburator (apparently this is another uniquely Canadian word, like loonie, toonie, parkade, tuque and double-double.  Double-double is so widespread Business Week reported (see para 2 of link) that is in the Canadian Oxford Dictionary) as the pipes were corroded and the old garburator was leaking really badly.  Garburator replaced, leaking fixed, handles put onto our new kitchen pantry, shelves built, now to tackle that cupboard and the laundry room!  We had a nice stroll on Saturday in town, walking back up to Westminster Abbey before hopping the bus home to catch the fireworks. Impressive display with music drifting across the river from Battersea Park.

Sunday was Laura’s baby shower (yay!). I had to miss it (boo!).  I did go and help set up for my goddaughter’s bday – she is a big 4 year old now!  I can’t get over how quickly she has grown.  She got a pair of spring forward socks from me in Waterlilies STR.  Supercute.  DH made an awesome roast for dinner – a rib of beef.  Mmmmmm.   Looking forward to Friday – as we are off to Munich, Neuschwanstein and to meet lovely Claudia and her legendary Wollmeise store (scroll down to July 5 2009 post for photos of the shop).  Wooot!

6 thoughts on “Aurantium: First Prize!

  1. Woohoo for the shawl. Actually I am waiting for some lace yarn and am totally contemplating transforming this coming yarn into an arantium ;0)
    Secondly, I LOVE moving. There is just something so exciting in changing surroundings, it makes oneself newer and lighter.
    Thirdly, my DH is taking the whole family to München for Easter as a birthday gift for me -just turned 40. And of course, besides Neuschwanstein and the Alte Pinakotek, some trip of the utmost strategical importance is planned to Pfaffenhofen. Just praying any still in charge deity and all the other out of fashion ones every single day for the store to be open when we wil be there -big sigh !
    Be sure to take ziliions of pictures to show us ;0)
    Have fun !

  2. Congraulations Alice! Its a lovely pattern. I actually started mine too. I just happened to find some jaeger pashmina that I had bee holding on too for years. For a very special project:)

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