White Christmas!

Okay a little early – but we had an awesome snowfall last night. Huge white flakes.

This is the view from the bus stop.  It sort of looks like rain, but you can see in the beam of light that it’s white… so pretty.


And this is the inside of the bus – top deck. Look at the snow!

All my parcels for the fibre club have gone out, as well as all the patterns for the sock club. Yay!

We were over at J & A’s for a pre Christmas dinner with Tristan, Paul, Irmgard & Koki. It was so nice to see little Oliver, and hang out with everyone.  I left my brain at home, along with my wallet and ran into a spot of trouble when I gassed up at the petrol station.  I totally forgot I’d left my wallet in Deuce’s walking bag (with his poop bags) until I went to pay. Ugh. So embarassing. Thankfully the chap was really nice and we went back after dinner (with DH and his wallet in tow) to pay my bill.   Sigh thank goodness for faith in our fellow human beings.

This weekend David and I caught up on some shopping, and organising. We finally settled on a layout for the living room… with our new floors! No photos as I left my camera at J & A’s.  Will post when I have my camera back.

We picked up a Wii station. Or is it just Wii? I’m so out of the loop I don’t even know what to call it. We almost didn’t – I was gutted to find that HMV raised it’s prices from 149.99 to 179.99 overnight. I’d done so much looking around – it was the best price on the high street and online! but then after finding out about the price hike, I sulked about it until we got to John Lewis… where it was on sale at 149.99. So happy!

Sunday we headed over to Henley for a Christmas BBQ. Yes you read right, a bbq.  That’s Simon with our rib of beef (wrapped in foil to cook a little longer) and sausages.  It was cold outside, but alot of fun. We had mulled wine, and sat under a heater.  A little visit to the local woods for some improvised sledding on a plastic table top and a piece of thin mdf board.  Deuce came too and had a great time running around (though he was so cold before he spent the whole time holed up in my coat).


So back to last night – the photos above were taken when I ventured out for knit night up in St Pancras. It was cold but worth heading out.   Mulled wine, mulled cider. mmmmm!  I’m not knitting quite as much as I used to –  i’ve got a friction burn on my knuckle!  Taking a break until it heals.

Today I met up with an old colleague, and met her baby! Oh my he’s so cute. Just like a kewpie doll. Long long eyelashes, and just so engaging. Haha it’s like baby spring time – they seem to be popping up everywhere.

Meanwhile the countdown begins – tomorrow I’m off to A’s for a churro making session, and then secret santa at ours. and then christmas eve and christmas day. David always roasts a goose. soooo looking forward to it.

In the meanwhile hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Oh yes and totally forgot to rant.  Paypal is making me crazy. First they put a limitation on my paypal account because so many people couldn’t possibly want to pay to take knitting lessons. Oh no, it must be money laundering or drugs or god knows what.  So I send them all the required info (drivers licence, utility bill, etc etc) and after escalating the matter twice (having heard not a peep from them, having been requested to fax things to them… when no fax number is provided, having been asked to upload documents but yet their uploader only takes jpegs and gifs… having been asked for documents which don’t exist in the UK (business licence anyone? do they mean certificate of incorporation perhaps? oh the list goes on). Finally the limitation was removed, only to have a reserve replace it, a reserve of over £4,000 plus 100% of all payments going through paypal from today onwards, which they want to to keep until 30 days AFTER the event. In July. 2010.  Nice.  So no way to actually use money paid to for example, pay the deposit for the venue. To pay for event merchandise. To pay for our admin assistant. To pay expenses.  I mean seriously??  Thank god I swept most of the payments through to the business bank account so I can do those things and not worry too much about the money held hostage by Paypal.  I’ve also changed our payment gateway to only Sagepay going forwards. This way everything goes to the business bank account where it can actually, god forbid, be used to pay for insurance, for the venue, etc etc.  I need to make a few refunds but can do those by cheque instead of directly from paypal. Less convenient but doable.  Have now removed all traces of my bank account details, card details etc from paypal, cancelled any direct debits I have for them as I feel, from this experience, that they are a law unto themselves and are answerable to no one but themselves.  Very worrying when they are supposed to be equivalent to an online bank and handle a lot of funds.  Anyways, I found the email addresses of their CEO, of their compliance team, of their executive escalation contact and hope that someone sensible will be able to help me.

Oh and this article came to my attention.  Oh dear. What has the world come to?

Pugs Who Ate Owner Get New Home: Police Say Dogs’ Owner Committed Suicide

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