Happy New Year!

Happy 2010!

We went for a late meal with B & P last night to a local Indian restaurant called The Painted Heron. They specialise in tandoori and the tandoori was delicious.  It was so nice to catch up and have a night out with the ‘grown ups’.   Inevitably talk came round to the topic of new year’s resolutions.  Mine is to learn and be better.  David mumbled something about work resolutions but was stumped by personal ones.  Paul’s was to be healthier.  B was also to be better (very practical!).

We finished up just before midnight and joined the revellers running outside to watch the fireworks.  We hurried up to Battersea Bridge and got a good vantage point from the middle of the bridge.  People would whoop from the passing cars as the fireworks exploded into the sky.  As we walked home, everyone was wishing each other a happy new year.  A really lovely change to the normal state of things in London!  Smiling happy people wandering around in the cold.  As we said our goodbyes, a random family was filming us hug and laugh.  So strange!

Christmas was great fun – we had over P-S clan, with Charles and Irmgard as special VIP guests. Melis, Luke and us made a good 9 for dinner.  David excelled himselve with yummy goose, and a plate brimming with brussel sprouts with chestnuts and lardons, goose fat roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips and bacon rolled sausages.  So much food! This was followed by my mini gingerbread houses filled with ice cream (the rooftops came off).  Piccies cause I had so much fun making them:

I made the mini houses first


Then decorated them

IMG_1302 IMG_1303

Lots of fun! We all had a go on the wii, bowling, obstacle course, skiing, boxing.  I think Luke threw out his arm boxing against three opponents in a row! Sophia had a blast creating rather ugly miis (little avatars that represent the player) for her mom and dad.  Charles made a silver haired rocker who was so  cool his eyes were shut behind his shades.  Pretty funny watching your little avatars hang out with each other, or pop up in other games throwing snowballs at the player or cheering them on!

Boxing day we drove down to the IoW to visit DH’s family.  Steven and Eliza were there so the whole clan was reunited.  We got to have another Christmas exchanging presents and eating too much!  We visited DH’s grandma where Deuce shamed himself by piddling on the corner of grandma’s bed.  We did a little shopping (great sales!) and some walking.  MIL took us to see a pantomine and we also saw Sherlock Holmes (surprisingly entertaining).

Our floors are finished, and we’re really pleased.  some final shots post oiling:
IMG_1294 IMG_1293 IMG_1295

And with our furniture back in place:
We’re going to replace the shelves and the radiator on the left wall to wall mounted units to give more floor space, we need a rug and a coffee table… but all in good times!

And a little retrospective of the year:

February Ellen came to visit, we had a boggle night where Sophia was champion.

March Cookie held a couple workshops at Socktopus, and we had a messy Champagne knit night.  My friend Angie found out her cancer came back and she didn’t have long left.

May my uncle and aunt came to visit, David ran a marathon in Edinburgh with a fractured tibia. Knit Nation idea germinates.

June Jared Flood came to teach at the shop, my friend Alice came to visit from Canada, and Angie passed away.  Her funeral was in Normandie.  Little Oliver was born.  Cookie & I start planning Knit Nation.

July we had a get away from it all weekend at Cowley Manor. 

August we had our summer holiday, first to Portland for Sock Summit, and meeting up with old friends Susan, Carol, Sam, Marisol, Leslie and the RSC crew, then home to Calgary to hang with Alice Thea & Sylvia, then Revelstoke for a stay in uberlux log cabin.  My great great aunt passed away.  My friend Olivia’s husband Jeff died suddenly from appendicitis.

September participated in a 20mile cancer charity walk (at night), managing 12 miles.  The following weekend ran 10k with Anna at Hampton Court. Met Marja, a great new friend.  After some long hard thought, closed Socktopus for a better work/life balance. 

October we went to New York for Rhinebeck and my cousin Jon’s wedding, and then flew to San Fransisco for my other cousin Spencer’s unexpected funeral. Barb had her book launch!

November had dinner with Barney & Sandra, Sophia had her 4th birthday, went to visit the legendary Wollmeise in Germany with Arianna & Edward.  Launched Knit Nation website. Deuce turned 3.

December sent out the last SOFA parcel and sock club parcel of the year.  Knit Nation class registration went live.  Christmas with friends and family.

Onwards to 2010, yo!

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