Jacob Two Two

Went to visit Sophia, Irmgard & Barb today.  The trip was done in record time – 34 minutes door to door, which is pretty much unheard of in London (it usually takes me an hour on a good day).  I’m guessing that people are still away on holiday.  Sophia is chatty as ever, and very craft-minded. While there she made a pond and with lilypads as a home for the origami frogs I made her.  The pond had flies also so the frogs had something to eat!  We chatted and planned for Christmas and New Year 2011 – it would be wonderful if everything worked out… Jo’berg and safari would be amazing!  We also read a little bit from Jacob Two Two. I remember the book because of the colour and format of the paperback – the very same that Sophia had today.  We read a few chapters – I’d forgotten the details of the story and it was fun to rediscover Master Fish, Mistress Fowl and of course dear old Hooded Fang.  Looking forward to hearing the finale of the story!

There is a bite to the air – it is cold here and getting colder. I’ve not worn mitts or gloves in London for years – not since I first moved here in the late 90s.  It’s nippy and tuques and mitts are really needed.  Better get knitting again!

DH and I are headed out for Thai food at Talad Thai, an old haunt when I used to live in Putney. The shop has parking in front of it which is awesome.  Nothing makes me happier than finding great parking in London.

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