Wintry brrrr

It is very cold here. I sit in the kitchen, heating full blast, with the oven on (trying to leaven some dough) and waiting for much lunch to finish steaming. my hands are icy, it is snowing out and it is sticking on the ground.  A true winter! Which means I better get knitting – i must finish my mittens as I truly need them now.  I found some great yearn for a new jumper, as well as some chunky discontinued stuff for a baby jumper. 

Cold snowy days like this are for staying in (it’s very christmas movie-esque, this weather). I decided to try my hand at making huajuan (flower rolls).  I’ve been on a chinese food kick and so am exploring some of my old cook books.  I rediscovered one I thought I’d never see again (gifted the original), so it has been quite exciting going through it and salivating at the dishes.  Mmmm.  The dough is leavening in a warm oven at the moment.  Elvis is playing on the stereo.  Deuce is eating dough bits off the flour with gusto and much lip smacking. 

Off myself to grab lunch!

4 thoughts on “Wintry brrrr

  1. mmm flower rolls – I used to get them at the bakery across the street from my office in Chinatown. Stay warm!

  2. How did huajuan turn out ? You can also make some ox tail soup , will go very well with huajuan. Calgary is -20 today with very clear blue sky and no wind, cold but very pleasant .

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