All the Fun of the Fair

Met the lovely Buzz from All the Fun of the Fair (a funky little knit shop/haberdashery in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street) this morning – she is rehoming all my Socktopus yarns and bits and bobs. Very exciting!  So if you need a fix head on down there later this week. She’s picking up all the yarn tomorrow morning.  8 boxes! Woot!

David headed to work this morning, and while it was nice to spend some time with him, it was also nice to see him up and about, not hacking his lungs out.  Deuce was off with Cleone today, and he’s now sleeping next to me making snoring sounds.

And later this week, will try my hand and green onion pancakes, and shao bing.  Off to watch Ghost Whisperer – I caved today and bought season three.  I love her dresses and it makes me laugh that I cry in almost every episode. What a total softie!

4 thoughts on “All the Fun of the Fair

  1. I love Ghost Whisperer as well, hubby won’t watch it with me so I have to record it and watch it later.
    Another reason to go to All the Fun at the Fair!

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