Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

It’s always sad to say goodbye, and today I waved adieu to all my yarnie babes. Buzz bundled them all up into a cab for their journey to their new home at All the Fun of the Fair off Carnaby Street.  There’s a lovely coffee place in Kingly Court, a bead shop, and a noodle place.  Will have to go visit more often!

Woke up this morning to more snow on the ground, and just now big fat flakes were falling from the sky. Deuce and I met this chap guarding our building – someone got up early and got busy. Love the potatoes for eyes and the orange nose/mouth.


DH is off to Brussels tomorrow, but we’ve got the knitting girls over. When the cats away…. 😉

Watched the first disc of Ghost Whisperer last night – very addictive. And I laughed cause I got scared/cried/was happy again in pretty much each episode. Who needs PMT, an episode of GW will do the trick!  Haha Ling, we’ll have to get together and watch them together. DH won’t watch them either!

2 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet

  1. Wait till you get to season 4! I’m waiting for season 5 to start on LivingTV.

    Don’t be sad for too long about the yarny baies, I’m sure they’ll find their way to good, loving homes.

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