A good ol’ clean

Had a lovely weekend – went to a new oriental shopping plaza Pacific Plaza (grand opening next month) to pick up some japanese tableware, and had lunch at their new food court. Yummy stuff. Can’t wait for the full opening – they have an oriental supermarket that will open, and a japanese bakery. Mmm mmm. 

In the evening headed up to my favourite cinema the Electric for dinner at the club upstairs, followed by   Up in the Air with Lukola and the P-S team who made it down for a Saturday date.  I love the Electric – it has a bar at the back for drinks and snacks, and leather club chairs with footstools and wee tables between each chair for your drinks.  The movie was sad but hopeful – about a man (Clooney) who allows himself to be completely cut off from any meaningful relationships.  Clooney is wonderful as is the girl who plays Natalie Keener. 

Sunday we had M, K, and their little ones over for lunch – and Deuce fell in love with the boys. Kisses and hugs, and even licked the wee one.  Deuce generally runs away from children, having had a bad experience with children who chucked hard things at him.   But both kids were gentle and sweet, and Deuce was happy to sit next to them and hang out. 

Zhajiang mian was yummy, and I’m glad Daniele you are enjoying too! šŸ˜€  If you ever get your granddad’s recipe for shao bing please please please please share!  I love shao bing. Haven’t done any baking yet, hopefully later this week!

So you know how I was saying our coffee machine was kaput?  Well, we took apart the brew head to descale the machine… and the whole filter for the brew head was completely and utterly clogged up.  No wonder all the pucks had rivulets – the water couldn’t get through the brew head filter!  So we descaled it, I soaked the filter twice, and this morning our coffee tasted as it should…. and the puck was back to normal – no great ravines! yay!  Will use the portafilter blind to back rinse again and it should hopefully be back to normal. 

Today I spent manically knitting up the club sock – am happy with the way it is turning out. The stitch pattern I used is perfect for the yarn – I’ve tried the pattern before using a different yarn and it was just too stiff. Hee hee.  Totally channelling Hannibal “I love it when a plan comes together”.  Tomorrow we pack up, Wed photo shoot, and then they are all posted on Thursday. Whee!    Went to knit night where I desperately wanted to knit on the sock but couldn’t so knit and frogged a hat three times (it will now be a scarf!).  Saw lots of peeps I hadn’t seen before Xmas so that was really nice.  Saw a chap at St Chads wearing a big jumper with a red truck on it.  Sort of like something Linus or Charlie Brown might wear.

One thought on “A good ol’ clean

  1. Oooh the jumper sounds good for my Charlie Brown! I have just frogged my Bella mittens so am back where I started an hour ago. Boo hiss!

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