Painted Toes

Lovely day yesterday – catch up with Melis & Barb, we had a long overdue girls’ day out.  Started out with a group pedi in Notting Hill, then a wee stroll in our flip flops (the things we do for beauty!) around the block for lunch. We tried Raouls but it was chocka, so we headed to the Electric for some nosh.  It says alot about the neighbourhood that no one batted an eye to see three girls wandering around in January in flip flops. Poor B’s toes were red they were so cold!

We bagged a cosy sofa and armchairs near the bar and spent a happy afternoon chatting, warming our toes, and reminiscing (or rather, Melis & Barb reminisced and we all laughed at their insane escapades).   Home for fajitas and Rock n Rolla.  The first fifteen minutes was narrative to set the scene and to allow the audience to actually understand what is going on. Seems lazy to me, but then wasn’t a huge fan of the movie either.

We also went to check out the gym to get a three day pass before committing.  I’m figuring out how to earn points to reduce the cost of the membership – if we get platinum status the cost of membership goes down to £15 a month! How crazy is that?  We get points for all sorts of random things – like buying fruit and veggies from Sainsburys, declaring that we are non-smokers (which we are), getting a fitness assessment, etc.  We’re currently at the bronze level, but after getting a fitness assessment at the gym we’ll move up to silver.  I have a plan that should get us to gold in a month, then the tricky bit is to get to platinum….We headed to the gym this morning but read the schedule wrong and instead of a beginner’s class showed up for an int/adv class. Oops. Will try again for the beginner’s class on Tuesday (at 7am. Wish us luck).

Tonight we are off for a games night at Ed & Alison’s, and Thai food. Yummmm.

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