Thai 101

Last night Ed ordered from Thai Kitchen 101 – very impressive menu and tasty! They had sticky rice which is my all time favourite, and we had sea bass wrapped in lettuce leaves. Also very tasty. Will have to see if they will deliver over here!  We also played Risk – the first time I’d ever played the game.  I remember thinking as a kid that I wasn’t that interested in the whole world domination thing, but boy, when Ed started attacking my territories (I was holding Europe) something in me when a little beserk.  I’d refrained before from attacking Greenland, as I just wasn’t that interested in holding North America, but when he attacked my poor little Iceland, well – gloves off. No more Mr. Nice. Guy!

My next turn, I reinforced Great Britain, then regained Iceland and advanced in force onto North America via Greenland, decimating his armies in the process.  Surprisingly satisfying!   At a point when I had 4 of his territories left to conquer (with only one foot soldier on each territory, vs my terrifying yellow peril of 10 foot soldiers), David asked me what my goal is. I had to think, since I really didn’t have any other than getting back at Ed for trying to wipe out my armies!  I think I said that I just wanted to not die.  Not great for a military commander, I think.

Then Ali reminded me of my mission which was to take the Australian and North American continents. I already held Australia, and lucky for me that my personal vendetta took me down the route of capturing, or er, ‘liberating’ North America from Ed’s evil clutches, so the two dovetailed nicely.  With 4 territories left in North America it was, in the words of Nigella, a doddle, embarassingly easy.   A few more rolls of the dice and Ed’s army was no more!  World domination, here I come!

Off to walk Deuce then for tea and knitting with the ladies down at Kingly Court followed by an afternoon of paperwork. Gotta keep that balance!

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