January Finish: Aeolian Shawl

Wooop woop! Bound off my Aeolian shawl yesterday, blocked and pinned it (which nearly made me crazy. There are so many dang points!!). Sigh. You know how I knit, mostly its a sort of inner compulsion which drives me to a project and keeps me going until I finish… which is how this little guys started way back in April last year.  I got to 15 rows short of bind off by July but well, the vastness of it sort of overwhelmed me, and then I got distracted and it was summer then sock summit… and before I knew it it was January 2010!  Anyways, Marja and I made a pact to finish at least one thing every month this year. She’s managed to finish 3, this is my second, though the first, a tuque for David, somehow doesn’t feel like a real finish – partly because it’s too small and I have to undo it and tink back to knit it a bit bigger.

I do love lace – how it transforms from a slightly ugly and wrinkly thing to something of elegance and beauty.  Here it was finished, but unblocked.

Blocking – all those dang pins! Each stinky point has a stinky pin. Boy was I happy to be finished blocking.  Even more happy than when I was finished knitting if you can believe it.

And finally, the finished product. Am very pleased with it.  That Elizabeth Freeman is a creative genius.

Voila, my Midnight Aeolus.  It’s very pretty. The yarn is Old Maiden Aunt merino/silk in colourway ‘Midnight’.  Gorgeous to knit with, and so nice against my skin!  Lilith (the woman who is Old Maiden Aunt) will be one of the vendors at Knit Nation.   All her colours are so beautiful – they remind me of old school fairy tales – pretty pretty colors with a hint of darkness.  So romantic!

I have this insane urge to knit socks out of laceweight.  Sheesh how small would my needles have to be?!? LOL.  Sock club members, watch out!

Missed Little Sophia yesterday – she was home sick from school, apparently the tummy bug that made the rounds in the City is now making the rounds in schools.  B says though that she is loving being home with mom & dad, except, Sophia says, it would be better if she wasn’t stuck in bed.  Will catch up with her next week.

Can’t believe we are into February already. Is this what happens when we get older – time speeds up?  I feel like i’m careening away in a dodge’em car that has somehow escaped from the track.  Lots of fun, but a little daunting to be so free in the big wide world!

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