Autumn in January

Deuce had his day today with Cleone, so is now all tuckered out, tucked up next to me on the couch snoozing away.  Love his life – the most stressful thing in it is trying to get us to feed him when he wants not when we want.

Have been waiting on tenterhooks for the first installment of the Rockin Sock Club. It’s my fourth year in the club, and this year’s first kit really hits all the right spots. I’m crap at suspense so have checked out spoiler pics and I love the colour!  They’ve landed in the UK today, though for some reason I always get mine the day after. I guess our area is slower than the rest of the UK in sorting mail!   Meanwhile, as I wait, I’ve been working on these (sorry the colour is a bit off. it’s closer to the true pink and grey in the left hand photo).

Autumn leaves

Remember my visit to Wollmeise last November with Arianna?  We saw these double knit mittens there, and fell in love.  They are called Autumn Leaves by Julia Mueller.  Double knit is a kind of knitting that is reversible, it’s a bit hard to tell in the photos but if you look closely, the left photo has a grey border and is the outside of the mitt, while the photo on the right has a pink border, and is the inside of the same mitten.  Arianna already finished one of hers and it is gorgeous (photo shameless slurped from Arianna).  Pretty isn’t it? 

DH working late – hopefully home in about an hour. Do I bake an apple pie for him… or play a few games on Bejeweled 2 (crazy addictive Apple App)?

4 thoughts on “Autumn in January

  1. Do you mean that there is more at Wollmeise than the skeins of pure beauty ? Are you really telling us that ? OMG ! I planned to go there in April, but unfortunately we had to cancel this because we are leaving Lyon and moving to Paris in July and we must do some renovation in our flat in Paris and be there, obviously.

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