Postal Windfall (RSC Spoilers!)

Today was a windfall of postal goodness.

First up was my amazing parcel from Ashley of Thistlegirl Designs for the Knit Love Club‘s valentine swap.  A photo and more on that tomorrow -the light is crappy right now. Suffice it to say I was thrilled with the lovely gifts in it (all the jelly tots are gone!).

Second up: you remember the story about Tom and his friend getting kidnapped in Central America while hunting for orchids? Finally, the book he and his friend wrote – the Cloud Garden – arrived.  I’ve tried almost every book store near me with no luck and finally succumbed to Amazon, and even then it was a bit of a wait! Looking forward to reading about his adventures.

And finally, my long awaiting and obsessively coveted Rockin Sock Club first installment of of the year.  It is gorgeous and I’m going to wind it up tonight and cast on. The knitting muse commands it so it shall be.

The colour is truer to the top photo. Love it – and the little smidgen of grey lilac in it.  Can’t wait to get my needles into it. 🙂

A came over for some long overdue girl time.  Had great fun! She helped me with my first every flaky pastry crust… which turned out rather badly but looks great.  Must practice more to get the hang of it.  As I was saying, I’ve found my cooking mojo again.  Today I made deep dish apple pie. I went a little off piste with the filling recipe – I didn’t have any lemon juice, only lime so I made do. It turned out really well!  Here I am, extremely pleased with my apple pie, with not a little flour all over me.

Here it is prior to baking in all its humble glory. All egg washed and pie-looking.

Baking in the oven. I know you can’t see much, but I thought I should document it anyways since it is a pivotal stage in the pie’s journey from flour and eggs to true pie-dom.

And finally, fresh out of the oven, still bubbling away through the vents.

Sadly the pastry tastes like slightly over microwaved pasty dough.  No matter, a good excuse to continue making pastry in the quest for the perfect pie!  Now to find myself a pastry cutter and some ice cubes.

5 thoughts on “Postal Windfall (RSC Spoilers!)

  1. Oh my gosh that looks so good! Apple pie is my favorite. If you hear anyone in your kitchen tonight, don’t worry.

    Glad you got your RSC parcel. I was worried you’d implode.

  2. Er, um, not sure if godmother duties might include Bake Sale (maybe this comes under “relief of BP” more properly – but no matter), but next week is Cake Sale week at Sophia’s school to benefit Haiti. I think your apple pie might go down a storm, whaddya say?

  3. A, I LOVE LOVE LOVE pie crust, particularly the flaky variety. If I had my way, pies would be made only of pie crust!

    But anyway, I want to share a couple of trick that I use to make ever-so-flaky pastry. The enemy of a flaky pie crust is gluten, so you want to handle the dough as little as possible, but you also want to leave pockets of butter in the dough, so Trick #1 (which I always always always do when I make a pie crust or biscuits or whatever buttery starchy baked good): Cut the butter (or lard) into tiny tiny cubes and then put them in the freezer until you’re ready to add them to the dry ingredients. The butter stays hard and unincorporated that way, so when you roll out your dough, you have nice layers of butter/flour/butter/flour/butter/flour/etc. like a croissant, basically. And then when you bake your dough, the butter melts and you end up with oh-so-wonderful flaky pastry. Mmmm… flaky… pastry…

    Trick #2: Use vodka in addition to or instead of water (you’ll have to adjust the amount of flour accordingly depending on what you do). The alcohol in the vodka helps prevent the formation of gluten when you knead the dough but then evaporates away during baking. How handy, hun? This can get kind of expensive, though.

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