Valentine’s Swap

As promised, here is a photo of my Valentine’s swap from the Knit Love Club (my sock club!).  It’s quite cool – we’ve got alot of members this year who are all keen on getting to know each other and participating in swaps – with quite a few awesome individuals who have volunteered to organise them (allocating swap partners, making sure every participant receives their swap parcel).  So this is the second swap and this is what I got from Ashley: a handy dandy foldup nylon bag, a nicsknots project bag, a handknit heart embroidered with my name (awesome!), jelly belly beans, tissues, strawberry cream chocolates and cranberry chilli chocolates.  Muchas gracias!

Thanks J for the tip on the pastry – am going to try that! Am also going to try using sour cream and cream cheese in the pastry instead of water – apparently will help keep the gluten at bay.  Will post progress reports.

One thought on “Valentine’s Swap

  1. No way— The “Alice” pillow is so perfect! Looks like it was made to be a part of your blog header even 😉
    Hmmm… I might have to put my Hazel Knits Red Carpet to use!

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