Version Mary and Samwan Camgee

Friday was a treat – the weather was perfect for a walk in the park with Deuce.  We met a lovely pair of pugs – Hector a 4 month old fawn pug, and Pearly, a rotund but very friendly 4 year old black pug.  Deuce seemed a bit alarmed by them – i wonder if he thinks he’s a cat or some other species?  Still, he wanted to follow them home.

Drove up to Stokie and had lunch at the Spence sitting in the sun.  Was nice to catch up with Nora, soaking in the rays.  Nora had a rose for Sophia, and when Sophia saw it she cried “What a beautiful flower!”  When I told her it was for her, she jumped up and down and ran to the rose.  So sweet. She chose a card for her friend’s birthday, which had, as Sophia called her, Version Mary on the front of it.

The afternoon morphed into movie night, and B ordered in pizza and we prepare to watch the ‘Two Towers’, er except that DVD 2 in the Lord of the Rings DVD box was the special effects DVD. Oops.  No matter, Paul our shining knight came to the rescue and swept off to secure the Two Towers DVD from the local video shop.  Pretty soon we were ensconced with pizza, meatballs, wine and movie.  The little ones moved around a bit – at one point I had Sophia sat in my lap, and Deuce next to her, with Sophia lazily stroking deuce’s back.  So cute.  B kept calling Sam ‘Samgee’ or ‘Samwan Camgee’ which made giggle.  I promised to do some baking for Sophia’s school – they are fundraising for Haiti next Friday.  When I told Sophia I’d save some of the white chocolate chip cookies for her, she grinned and her eyes got all glassy.  I think she really really really likes white chocolate!

3 thoughts on “Version Mary and Samwan Camgee

  1. LOL! The “Samwan Camgee’ isn’t what I first thought-lol! I kept thinking Sam Wong Congee! And “Version Mary”?!-WHICH “version”?!-lol! Gotta love it!

  2. can’t tell you how happy it made me to hear S’s reaction to the rose – much happier than if it had sat in a vase on my desk.

  3. I love it. Still can’t remember Samwan gangee’s name. But the Version Mary is a classic. I told Paul that I was harnessing your newfound cooking mojo for the school bake sale and Paul said, “Wow, you two are a real Duo. Alice is the do. And you’re the ‘Oh Alice, there’s this bake sale…'”

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