The Pie Hole

David working again, so what’s a girl to do?  Make more pie.

So, after a bit of research, and helpful tips from Arianna and my cousin J, this is what I did:

1. Cut up the butter into half inch cubes.  Left them in the fridge to get really cold. Put flour and salt in metal bowl in the fridge too.

2. I tossed the cold butter with cold flour and salt in the cold bowl. Then I set them in the fridge some more.

3.  Dumped butter/flour concoction onto counter and rolled it all out to flatten the butter cubes. I rolled out the butter cubes, scraped it all together again, and rolled it out again.  Probably smarter and cleaner to do all that in a plastic bag. Oops. Next time.  Anyways, I was aiming for flaking paint.  Big flat pieces of cold butter.  To keep it all cold, I put my paint-flakes-in-the-making back into the fridge, chilled for a little longer, then went back to rolling out the concoction into paint flakes.

4. I added sour cream. I also added some cream cheese. This was to bind together the mixture and create minimal gluten. I was tempted by vodka J, but then I would have also felt the need to make myself a drink. Not so good before noon on a Sunday! 😉

As J rightly points out, the proteins in flour need water to form gluten – and gluten was the culprit of my icky-microwaved-then-cooled-crust from last time.  Sneaky us, we’re replacing the water with a liquid that is cold, part fat, has some acid (breaks down protein), some sugar, all of which contribute to a flaky and tender crust.  My dough was barely cohesive.  It looked like this. See my paint flakes? All still cold.

5.  The dough went back into the fridge, so that the moisture could seep through the whole of the dough.

6.  Working fast, I split my dough in two, rolled it out and put it into the pie pan, specially purchased on Friday.  Apple mixture into pan, topped with the second bit of dough rolled out for the top of the crust.  Brushed with egg, slits cut, demera sugar sprinkled over it.  I was pleased with how quickly I got the dough rolled – it was still cold! I stuck the bottom half back in the fridge while I worked on the top.  To keep it cold. Obsessive, moi?

Voila pre-oven pie.  I have to say working like that against an imaginary clock is a bit stressful.

7. Pie goes into 200 degree oven, hopefully being good and cooking itself into yumminess. I checked on it earlier, and it was already browning (dairy and sugar on top enhance browning) so on with the foil to prevent it burning. Annoying cause now I can’t really see what’s happening in the oven.

While I wait for the pie to finish cooking, here is a photo of Deuce. Can you image what he’s been up to? Flour on his paws, flour on his face.  He’s been busy snuffling the kitchen floor hoping for some butter and flour to gobble up.  I think he gobbled a fair bit.

I’ve also been busy knitting on my RSC socks.  Have turned the heel on the first sock and now to knit the leg.

I love the colour, but not so sure about the ridges. Maybe they will flatten out with blocking. Maybe I’ll fall in love with them.  I’ll know by the end of the second sock. I’m not fond of the transition between heel flap and back of leg pattern, so I will probably do a little off-pisting there to make the join a little prettier.

So back to the pie. Out of the oven – things look promising! I must have stretched the crust cause it shrunk a bit.

But all in all I’m happy with the look and the smell.  David got home as the pie came out of the oven, and he’s off on a quest for ice cream. I’m not a custard kind of girl. For me, the only way to have apple pie is à la mode with a rich vanilla ice cream.  mmmmm.  From initial results (me picking off morcels of crust sticking out from the edges) the crust is flaky and tasty. Excited!! Will report back tomorrow.  In the meanwhile, will leave you with one more photo.

Pie time!

4 thoughts on “The Pie Hole

  1. Wow. That looks like the *most perfect* pie dough in the world!!! John sat down, looked over at the monitor and said, “Mmmm! That’s a really good -looking pie!” How did it taste? I bet really really really yummy.

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