Pie 2: Verdict

Voila slice of pie a la mode.


Was it good?  I was thrilled with the crust. Check it out. Nice and flaky.

This is a bit of the crust from the edges – see all those lovely flakes? I was really happy. Flaky & crisp. And it was tasty! 

Two niggles – 1) I decided that I don’t like my filling with orange juice, nutmeg or allspice. So pie 3 will only have cinnamon. I also didn’t like the granny smiths. The coxes were much nicer.

And 2) After all this – I’m not sure I like flaky crust with apple pie!  I think I prefer a short crust. But of course, I will have to make a few more pies just to be sure!  I have another ball of pastry dough chilling in the fridge for pie 3.  No cream cheese in this one and it came together in a ball much easier (I did use a whole cup of sour cream, instead of only half a cup), and there is some shortening in it. Will see how it goes and how different it is to pie 2.

I have 2 more recipes to try – a cream cheese tender crust (pie 4) (solid fat and vinegar, with baking powder to leaven) and one that is a tender flaky crust (pie 5) (involving adding frozen orange concentrate to the crust – sugar and acid to minimize gluten).  Hmmm. Best get going on joining that gym if I’m going to be making all these pies!

4 thoughts on “Pie 2: Verdict

  1. Arrghhh ! I hate it when I read shortening in a recipe. We don’t have shortening here and we don’t know what shortening is… and when one googles shortening, the reading is just scary… And sometimes, butter doesn’t work as substitute. What can we do ?
    I am afraid it is just hopeless…

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