Going for Guld

Some people are super organised.  You know the type – the classmate who finished their school reports weeks before they were due, or who had study schedules (not unlike Hermione) so that each subject was allocated a manageable period of study at regular intervals.  Well, I am a total INFP.  I was always the one doing all-nighters, or doing a bit of review here and there while sunning myself on a beach completely ignoring any rational or logical study approach. Hermione, I am sure, would have rolled her eyes and huffed in frustration.  Well true to form, I’ve got 15 people plus a few wee ones coming for chinese new year’s dinner tomorrow and I should be out at Sainsbury’s buying groceries then heading to Chinatown to pick up some bits and bobs….. um, but this is what I am doing instead:

It’s the Bohus Guld sweater, at least, balls of yarn which will, Knit permitting, become a Bohus sweater.  I’ve had the kit for years now and today I got a nudge to wind up the balls and cast-on. Maybe it was all that singing at knit night last night, but whatever it was, today I got it all out, wound up the little hanks of different coloured yarns, and am in the process of a crochet cast on for the neck band.  I still have tonight and all day tomorrow for cooking, right?   Meanwhile… a little bit of Swedish history in my hands right now feels pretty good.

3 thoughts on “Going for Guld

  1. Welcome to the club. I’ve been procrastination all morning – hence time to comment. I should really be reading to prepare for a project, instead I’m happily surfing the web. Hmm, maybe I should be knitting next….

  2. Does this mean we will be having yarn noodle, yarn pie and yarn bubble tea tomorrow? Do you need me to bring some of my yarn too?

  3. OMG! I have two of these kits waiting on me…..calling me every day! But… well…I’m a bit of a wuss. I’ve read the book Poems Of Color….I’m in love with the Bohus…but I’m afraid! Go! Run! Cast it on! You can shop later! Can’t wait to see this come to life!!!

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