Gongxi Facai

Today we’ve got a full house coming over for a big chinese new year whoop up.  On the menu is mantou, jiaozi (dumplings), lotus root, chicken noodle salad, steamed fish, stir fried niangao (rice cake), sticky rice, lettuce wrap mooshu and peking duck (this we are getting in from a restaurant).  For dessert – red bean bubble tea and ximilu (coconut tapioca).

I bunked off yesterday, but on paper it’s okay.  When I was in school, I always thought alot of the stress and anxiety re studying was unnecessary – priority will take priority, non essentials will fall by the wayside. I’ve found this applies more often than I expect.  There were only 3 things I absolutely had to do yesterday, and they got done (yay!).  And there is a lot of slow cooking, so we’re doing that now.  And then I have my slaves helpers coming at 4 to lend a hand with the jiaozi.  I think we’ll be fine.  And if not – then I’ll just ply everyone with lots of wine so they don’t remember that anything went wrong! 😉

Happy Chinese New Year everyone – roaaaaaar!!!

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