Sweet like Honey

Saturday night was a double night out – first up was Alicja’s birthday party. Can’t believe she arrived here 3 years ago, a little bit lost and now pretty much has the town at her feet!  Her party was at Anam, a bar up in Islington. I got there late, as was busy finishing up her birthday present!

They’re cashmere fingerless gloves – the pattern is super light, but kind of neat looking. Like a pale wallpaper.  I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough of the other pink I had, so I used the paler pink as I had 2 balls of it. Turns out I needn’t have worried – the pair took about 20grams of the contrast colour and 25 grams of the main colour. The pattern is Endpaper Mitts from Eunny Jang. Lovely knit and easily memorised.  I liked them so much I’ve started myself another pair in the darker pink. I have 25 grams of it so will be fine. Yes that is Conde Nast’s beach issue.  Given the dreary sky I needed some sun and surf to cheer me up, while working on cashmere.

The second half of Saturday night was picking up David, Carl, Simon, Andrew and Cath under a bridge in the City.  Literally.  We were supposed to meet at a curry place in Smithfields, me joining them from Alicja’s party.  Unfortunately the first rendez-vous point was closed, and the second place they tried was closed too. We were tag team racing a bit since I was in our car driving south and they were in a taxi trying to figure out where to go, but on the same street a few miles apart.  They finally got out of the cab under Holborn Viaduct and a few minutes later I was pulled up and the four boys (two at 6 feet and two at 6’4”) and Cath piled into the car.  Bit of a squeeze!  We found a place on the Cut that was open and served curry! Yay. It was pretty funny – a lamb madras curry showed up but the waiter didn’t know what it was – so he just said ‘lamb curry’.  Since a couple of us had ordered lamb curry, we asked – which one? He kept saying ‘lamb curry’.  By deduction we figured out who belonged to it.  The same waiter, at the end of the night when we were paying our bill, told us ‘I love money. It is sweet like honey’.  Ooookay.

Cath and Simon stayed the night, and we had a nice walk up the kings road then we made them lunch. Except it was served at 5pm.  Anyways I made a chicken pot pie that was pretty yummy.  David followed up with tarte tatin. Then we followed that up with gorgonzola and epoisses.  I felt sick after all that, but boy was it worth it!

Today is a lazy day – off to the park with Deuce, then to the gym.

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