First Plum of the Year

Had a plum today. I know I know, totally out of season (here, but not in Africa it seems).  But there really are only so many apples, bananas and oranges I can eat.  It was delicious. Jenny made us a plum tart that was absolutely gorgeous.  4oz butter, 4oz self raising flour, 4oz sugar, zest of lemon, a handful of plums and a scattering of sliced almonds. Yummmmy!

Meanwhile Deuce has been marking our house. It’s been 3 times since the new year. Really annoying – the first time was when we moved the furniture all around and did a big clear up, the second and third time was just after Simon and Cath left.  I did some reading and marking seems to be a issue of confidence – Cleone told me today that he always tries to pee on her curtains and in her car (she also walks other dogs so it makes sense that he’s trying to assert dominance over his territory) – and it’s going to be a toughie to change. CONSTANT VIGILANCE apparently is the answer.  Or belly bands.  Will keep a close eye on him and hopefully we can train him out of it.  Chopping his little balls off may or may not help.  I guess if it gets any worse we can consider letting him join the ranks of the castrati.

Time for bed. No knitting today.  Tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “First Plum of the Year

  1. My male cat marked even though he was neutered. It was anytime I moved to a new place. He’d pee in one corner. If I cleaned it he’d do it again. If I left it he was fine. I just got deodorizer and sprayed the area. Yuck but better than fresh pee constantly.

    Hope Deuce doesn’t pee on me when he sits on my lap next time I see him. hahaha! Seriously though, hope you find a solution so he can keep his little balls.

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