The Elusive Dora

This morning a chap with two dogs asked me if I were Dora.  You see, Dora walks her black pug around the harbour.  She is, apparently, from Hong Kong.  She goes to dinner parties with people from the area. How do I know this? Because I keep getting asked if I’m Dora.

A few months back when I was walking Deuce a chap came up to me and asked me if my name were Dora.  He told me that his friend told him to look out for Dora who walks her dog around the harbour, and he thought I was her since I also have a black pug, and Dora is Hong Kong Chinese.  It was a bit odd, since I’ve met or know most of the dogs who are regulars around the area and have never seen another Chinese girl with a black pug.  I bumped into him once more when he asked if I was Dora and when I said no he promised never to ask me if I was Dora again.  True to his word, he hasn’t.   But Dora has been busy  it seems- a couple weeks later I met another guy who asked me if I was Dora – he we due to meet her at a dinner party but thought I might be her since, black pug, chinese, you know the drill.

Off to walk Deuce and search for Dora.  Maybe one day I’ll meet her! Or maybe she’s just a modern version Mr Snuffalufagus, visible to everyone except me!

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