Pizza & Londinium

Full day today – morning working on ad copy for Knitty, and then an afternoon reunion with the Dutchies.  The Liong de Greeves are here on a long weekend, with their three little ones.  Jasmin & Ben are now kids, no longer toddlers. Alana was tottering around on her own like an intrepid explorer, armed with her crackers and giggling away to herself.  Time flies.  We met up with Paul & Barb & Sophia, Kathryn Morris and Madelyn, Jenny & Andrew and little Oliver at Pizza Express on London Wall.  The kids ended up running around on the high walk chasing Paul & Marc.  It worked out perfectly. The highwalk is safe and perfect for kids to run amok, and the museum is just a couple minute walks from Pizza Express.  The Museum of London was  great – easy to get around, not too crowded and with a separate kids activity area.  We all ended up there helping the kids make paper stained glass windows.   I can’t believe I’ve never been (despite working within spitting distance for 2 years).  The Roman exhibit was super cool, and the fire of London bit was also really fascinating. We got a book on the fire of London so hopefully that will be a good read.

One thought on “Pizza & Londinium

  1. If you are interested in the history of the fire of London, try the Monument and there is a great view from the top! (All for less than a fiver!)

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