Bright light! Bright light!

Glorious sun today – must get out to the park before the clouds roll in. The sky is a glorious blue right now.  Spring please be on your way!

Sunday we had a stroll in the park (despite the drizzle), then off to the gym for our induction. David poo poo’d the power plates but when we were shown how to use them he got all enthusiastic.  Those things rock.  Great for stretching and for making your ears buzz inside your head.  I rowed 2000m, which was super boring but I managed to do it in 10min 30 seconds.  Pretty crappy but D told me Simon used to rock his 2000m in 6m15 and he was on the national squad for years, so I think I’m pretty pleased with my first go in years and finishing without having blown up and passed out.  They have all these new fangled machines – one where you do a speed skating motion – back and out to the side. Kind of like skiing when you are trying to get up speed while traversing flat terrain.

David’s been choosing our movies from Love Film recently – and the last two were real tomatoes.  First up in the Bad Movie Gong Awards is Damned United – an incredibly boring film with bad hair and ugly sets about Brian Cough, an obnoxious and rude and hugely egotistic football manager and his partner Peter something.  There is redemption in it – Brian falls from his very very high giantess horse and is humbled, then makes things right and is rewarded with fame and everything he wants. But that only happens in the last 5 minutes of the film. The rest of it is like watching a train wreck in slow mo – dragged out for 90 minutes.  Everyone in it except the Peter character is pretty much despicable and unlikable.  This one was a double poke your own eyes out movie.

The second great work David chose was 21 – a movie about a bunch of MIT kids recruited by a professor and trained to work as a team to count cards in Vegas and win lots of money.  It took 30 minutes to get to Vegas.  With lots of scenes of snow dusted Harvard buildings and MIT class rooms.   It was nice to see the vistas of Vegas and to see a little bit of Boston which looks like a lovely place.  I like watching Kevin Spacey because he almost always plays a cocky so and so in the movies.   But not so much that I would sit through another 2 hours of drivel.  This one was just a poke an eye out movie. Bad but not as bad as the first one.  The nice background at least was enjoyable to watch, if you can tune out the story.

Knitty Ad out this morning after a slight hiccup with our internet connection.  We’ve got a bunch of ads coming out in the magazines this spring – Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, Knitty, Knitting Magazine, and of course Ravelry so keep an eye out for them.

3 thoughts on “Bright light! Bright light!

  1. lol seriously? are you sure you didn’t fall asleep and dream a better movie? Like one with Jacob in it! 😉

  2. A, 10:30 is a fabulous time on an erg for 2000m! I used to have to do 2000m erg time trials when I was in crew even though I was the coxswain. You know, like team building – my rowers had to do it, so I would suffer with them. I think my time was always around 12:00 and, without fail, I would always get the most wicked headache for the rest of the day!

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