Left jab right hook

Have been slightly awol the last week, just haven’t really felt like blogging. Is there such thing as interwebz malaise?  Or maybe a general lack of inspiration. Could explain the lull in knitting mojo.

DH and I had a lovely day on our anniversary – had a nice walk to Knightsbridge then hopped on the tube to make our reservations at Hix.  DH had black pudding to start, not my thing at all but he really enjoyed it.
Anniversary #2

As for me I had a dozen oysters  – I loved the west merseas the best.  So yummy!  A question for you who do oysters – do you swallow or chew?  I’m a chewer myself. I love the texture and flavour.  But D just swallows in one gulp.  Anyways my plate went from this:

Anniversary #2

to this:

Anniversary #2

way too quickly!  I love the french style shallot red wine vinegar sauce they give you, along with a drop of tabasco.  I think that is my favourite way to have oysters.

Then we had a T-bone (porterhouse) steak – which was yummy, but not as good as the Nebraska grass fed from Goodman’s which melted in your mouth more.  Will have to take D there soon.

The week after was a little up and down – D and Deuce both got food poisoning and were both up the same night being sick.  Poor Deuce had to go out twice, and was throwing up too.  A day later both were fine.  The day after I was pretty tired then felt kind of funky myself… but thankfully it passed with a couple good nights sleep.

I also finally met my friend R’s girlfriend M.  We went on the Sat morning to get tickets for Enron and we went to watch it tha evening.  Awesome play.  The subjet matter was certainly interesting, and the playright deftly handled the corporate jargon so that the play was never overwhelmed by it. But what blew me away was the production itself.  There was singing. There was dancing.  There were light sabers. Never trite, just exciting.  It really conveyed the sense that at the time, it felt like Enron could change the world. That what they were doing was creative, innovative, and just plain old exciting (despite being questionable and oh, yes, illegal).

Dinner with T, J & A on Thursday at Sardo – I used to go here all the time with B back in the day. Glad to see it still going strong, and still serving deliciousness!  Lovely to see them, especially T, who was shocked that I had a blog, and even more scandalised at the security threat of having personal details on the interwebz.  I guess like many other bloggers, there is a line betwen personal information in the legal sense (stuff identity theives need to know) and personal chit chat like what I ate for dinner on a given night etc.  I am hoping identity thieves prefer a more expedious manner of crime (ie stealing credit card information or post) than sifting through hundreds or thousands of posts which may or may not be amusing, but will be most certainly time consuming, for relevant details and information.  Still, having said that, if the Queen and her entourage have their personal diaries up for inspection, and also have their home addresses available to the public and still they manage to keep their homes (relatively) secure and their credit card details away from prying eyes, then I suppose I should be safe enough.  Of course, I doubt the Queen has need of a credit card….

Today off to punch class with Lukola.  Looking forward to some aggression therapy!

Oh yes and knitting – have been busy working on the next sock for the club. After quite alot of frogging, I finally am happy with the pattern.  Marja & I made all the password tags on Friday – followed by a Snog (frozen yoghurt, not smooching) at Westfield with Tricia, Jaq & Arianna.  We parcel up on Monday and everything goes out in the post on Tuesday.

I also got my Loopy Ewe sock club last week – with a pattern by our very own Sam Roshak called A Little Jazz! A mini version of her Shawl that Jazz.  Well done Sam! Looking forward to her creation for the RSC!

4 thoughts on “Left jab right hook

  1. Happy to read from you, started to get worried ;0)
    Couldn’t help smiling at DH and Deuce getting sick the same night – same food ? -but you get all my sympathy about the… hm, hm, consequences.
    Lovely friends, lovely food, how could life get better ?

    ps : and of course, so happy to read about the next parcel ;0)

  2. Ooh did you go to the Hix in Soho or one of the other ones? If the one in soho did you go to the bar? I love that bar, so if you didn’t you should go there, and I should come too because they do amazing martinis and I love martinis!

  3. I have to agree with Kate the bar in Hix soho is amazing – they have these funky glasses made from old teacups and serve a great martini!

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